Buy the real deal the first time - no more fakes!

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Here are a few tips that every person should read before they bid on ebay. This guide is not going to go into detail about specific items but will give any novice and even some seasoned ebayers an easy guide when it comes to buying safe. Buy genuine designer and avoide the fakes on ebay!

1. Always ask questions about the inside label, if there is no picture ask the seller to send you a picture of the inside label. If they give excuses of why the can't or are not happy to do so this should be your first red flag.

2. If buying clothes always ask the seller the exact size AS WRITTEN ON THE LABEL - some sellers change the european or US sizing system into the 6, 8, 10 we use here to help sell their item - this can lead to you buying the wrong size or can stop you from buying a fake. eg. i was going to bid on a sass and bide jacket, however, when i asked the seller to send me the photo of the inside tag she told me she didn't have a camera and so couldn't. ok, so i asked her to tell me exactly what the sizing on the inside said - her reply was EU 36, AUS 6, US 2. Now for those who don't understand the significants of that - an australian size 6 and a european size 36 is ALWAYS a US size 0 - NEVER a size2. Conclusion the label was a fake.

3. When buying designer brands you have to be aware that the designer stores ALWAYS issue a receipt with the store name, date of purchase and code of the item purchased. This receipt is not just a record of the item purchased but can be used to verify the authenticity of the item. No self respecting person who purchases a designer label will EVER throw away their receipt. Always ask to see a photo of the receipt. If they cannot provide one beware! Also remember when buying designer on ebay be prepared to pay the price, because you get what you pay for!  

4. A friend of mine said that she saw a genuine Hermes Birkin bag on ebay. Before you run and bid on this bag keep in mind that there is a 5 year waiting list for this handbag. It costs upward of $10 000 and each has an individual number inside. Think twice before you ever bid on this handbag. There are very few out there to begin with and I'm very sceptical that any person lucky enough to get one in the first place would sell it on ebay. Conclusion - beware of this mysterious bag because you are likely to get ripped off. The picture in the description may be real but i doubt you'll get the real deal.

Good luck in your quest to find a bargin. Ebay is the best and cheapest place to shop if you know how!

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