Buyer Beware

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The Beginning!

 In addition to Mr. Bean's tips, be very careful if you cannot be online when bidding for a desired item closes. You may become a victim of bid rigging!

How It Happened!

Last night before going to bed I decided (first time ever) to take a chance and place my high bid of Eur 8.31 on a CD closing at 04.25:30 EDT.

The Result!

What a surprise to get up and find I'd won, then been scammed!

A brand new just registered (zero score) had bid 8.00 and 8.81 and then cancelled the 8.81 bid after discovering my high bid!

The seller, also fairly new, has a 16 score.

The seller also has or appears to have numerous other associated identities!

So, Buyer BEWARE!

If your item ends in the middle of the night, set the alarm and get up to bid live in the last few seconds!





Bid Scams

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