Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Products!

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"If its too good to be true, it probably is."

The following products have been identified by the manufacturer as counterfeit copies.

All of the below items are either sold as genuine items or "style" items.

Imitation samples are on the left and the genuine items are on the right.

HKS - SSQV Super Sequential Blow Off Valve


Usually sold as "style" items, buyer beware, they do not function like the genuine item, nor do they hold pressure as well as the genuine item does.

 HKS - Super Power Flow Air Filter


The embossed part number print is not as fine as the genuine product.

SaRD - Fuel Pressure Regulator

The top vacuum inlet that is circled shows that the original on the right has a bigger inlet that the fake on the left.

The nut that is attached to the same vacuum inlet is used to lock the adjustable pressure setting. The fake one on the left is yellow/gold whereas the genuine is silver.

The fuel outlet facing you shown in the fake picture is light blue, whereas the genuine item on the right shows it is dark blue.

Both genuine and non-genuine items have internal filters if you look into the fuel inlet/outlet, only difference between both items is the original will have a very small gap while the fake will have a larger gap!

TEIN - S-TECH Springs

Its really easy to tell the difference with genuine vs fake items.

Notice the quality of the part number print.

TIAL - External Wastegates

The fake item will not have anything printed at the top of the wastegate, but will still have TIAL printed on the side of the wastegate.

APEXi  - Auto Turbo Timer

In order to ensure that our customers do not get ripped off, we offer several ways to distinguish the counterfeit Turbo Timers from genuine A'PEXi Auto Timers. Please note that points 1, 9, and 10 are most effective at identifying counterfeits because they are the most difficult to change.

1. Case Thickness - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has a case thickness of 3/8 inch at the display area, the counterfeit Turbo Timer is 7/16 inch. This is the best way to determine whether or not the Auto Timer is genuine or counterfeit, because it is difficult for the counterfeiters to address the thickness difference.

2. Check the Harness - The genuine harness has red dots along the black, white, and grey wires. The counterfeit units do not.

3. Check Parts List - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer contains all the items shown on the parts list. The counterfeit Turbo Timers are missing zip ties, double sided tape, splices, and electro-taps.

4. Serial Numbers - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has a serial number on the black relay box. The counterfeit Turbo Timer has no serial number on the box.

5. Package Height - The clear plastic box on the genuine Auto Timer is 3 inches tall. The counterfeit Auto Timer is only 2.5 inches tall.

6. Package Opening - The clear plastic box on the genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer opens on the sides, whereas the counterfeit Auto Timer opens on the front and back.

7. Check the Display - On the genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer the red LED display is visibly red when powered off. On the counterfeit Turbo Timer, the display is not red when off.

8. Film on Display - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has no film on the display. The counterfeit Turbo Timer has a clear poly-film affixed to the display.

9. A/F Monitor - On the counterfeit Turbo Timer, the A/F Function does not work. It reads 14.6 all of the time.

10. Parking Brake Safety - On the counterfeit Auto Timer, the Parking Brake Safety Function does not work. If you release the handbrake, the engine will continue idling which could lead a collision and/or physical injury.

GReddy - Type RS Blow Off Valve

On the outside, the two adjustable GReddy Type-RS blow-off valves look the same, but inside, they are vastly different. The difference in diaphragm seal design and construction is obvious. The fake valve's seal is as thin and fragile as it looks, and has begun to rip already.

GReddy - e-Manage

The authentic item will have a serial number at the back of the e-manage, whereas the fake one will not.

Screw driver: authentic item has a Red screw driver, whereas the fake item has a yellow screw driver.

Wiring harness; authentic item has a white plastic plug, whereas the fake item has a black plastic plug

We've created another eBay account to ask sellers undercover a few questions about these items and they have say their items are genuine, after receiving the product, its definitely wasn't genuine!!

These days you just cant trust anyone, even sells fake counterfiet SaRD fuel pressure regulators!

It doesn't feel good to be ripped off. A lot of people fall into this trap!

Its pretty sad to know that as long as these sellers continue to pay their eBay fees, eBay will not stop them from performing these illegal actions!

Save yourself the headache and buy direct from us, Street Tuned!

Contact us if you want proof on any of the above claims!

Like I said.. "If its too good to be true, it probably is."

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day..

Stay Tuned, Street Tuned!!

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