Buyer Beware when purchasing AJA Corvid Capture Cards

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I found this out the hard way.
These are designed to be sold to equipment manufacturers and others capable of writing their own drivers and directshow filters.

AJA does NOT SUPPORT these.
None of their drivers work with these.

It is my guess that these are the same as the legacy OEM, and same as a Kona, but have a bit flipped in the firmware to refuse to use any Kona drivers. There is a SDK for it, but they won't give it to you, and I haven't found it in the wild. Emails to several businesses utilizing this product hasn't resulted in anything that works.

They know there is a glitch. Xena and Kona driver packages recognize the Corvid series. They offer to update the firmware. This ends in the card being BRICKED!
Corvid cards DO NOT work with Control Room, VirtualDub, VLC, or most other software. There may be specialized drivers and filters available, but I have spent six months and still have no good answer!

Lastly, these cards haven't been tested in many pc's. They don't guarantee that they will work, and I have no knowledge of how these interact with Apple products. They may be inexpensive here on the bay, but I found out why. I hope you learn from my experience!
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