Buyer and Seller! Guides and responsibilities!

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Guide to Safe buying and Selling online!

Online auctions and trading is a great way to sell your personal items or start your own business. However, like in real life there is fraud with both buyers and sellers.

Hopefully this guide will help both buyers and sellers identify risks to buying and selling auctions.

Some tips in the lists below may obvious to some people and not so obvious to others.

Tips for Buyers:

How to spot fraudulent or bad sellers.

Even though there is fraud by some seller it is also the buyers responsibility to make sure they know what they are buying and who they are dealing with... BUYER BEWARE.

The following is not true for all sellers but it's good to keep things like this in mind.

Does the seller:

  • Have many negative or neutral feedbacks
  • Not tell you the shipping cost of the item(s)
  • Not have the item on hand
  • Not used there OWN photo which they have taken of the item
  • Shipping is said to take upwards of 27 days
  • Does not answer emails
  • Does not tell you if they have received your payment
  • Does not tell you if your item has been shipped
  • The auction details and item description is hard to understand or there is not much of a description to speak of
  • Payment details are unclear

Seller Fraud Tips!

Does  the seller:

  • Say your payment has not cleared or they have not received your payment
  • The item still has not arrived
  • There is no contact from the seller
  • The item has been listed again

These are only afew Tips to keep you safe. There are many more things to look out for. We will list them soon.

Tips for Sellers!

How to spot fraudulent or bad buyers.

Selling is a tough job! We know it all too well. For the most part people are very good and reliable. Most customers will pay for thier auctions because they genuinely want the products you are selling.

But sometimes...there are those buyers who will not pay.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to spot a bad buyer than it is to spot a bad seller.

The following is not true for all buyers but it's better to be safe.

Does the buyer:

  • Have many negative or neutral feedbacks
  • Ask questions which are already answered in the item description
  • (We have noticed that most of the time buyers who ask obvious questions which are already answered in the auction usually don't bid anyway.)
  • Continues to ask the same questions
  • Ask for your payments details many times
  • Does not answer emails
  • Ask for your payment details before the auction has ended
  • Ask for your payment details and has not even bid on the item(s)
  • Ask to pay for the auction with another payment method that you have not mentioned or you have forbid in the auction terms
  • Leave you bad feedback saying you frauded them when you have something like 6000+ feedbacks that are postive from DIFFERENT buyers

Buyer Fraud Tips!

Buyer fraud...what can we say - it's a painful process.

Buyer fraud really hurts the seller because many sellers are trying to make an honest buck

Buyer fraud is much easier to spot than seller fraud.

Does the buyer:

  • Have many negative neutral feedbacks
  • Claims to have paid for the item
  • Claim to not have received the item
  • Claims the item was sent to them damaged
  • Demands a refund but will not return the item(s) first
  • Claims the item was not the same as described in the auction

A True Story about Buyer Fraud!

A while ago a friend of mine sold a  limited edition DVD box set - Brand New - sealed!

The item was sent to the buyer.

The buyer emailed my friend saying that one of the discs was badly damaged and they wanted a replacement or a refund.

My friend DID have a return policy but only if the item remained in brand new SEALED condition.

The buyer claimed the item was sent to them damaged and used.

So, to appease the customer, my friend had another set and it was sent as a replacement.

The buyer emailed by friend saying that the replacement was not brand new and that it had been opened.

The buyer this time demanded that they should be issued a refund. However, they wanted a refund but they did not want to return the "faulty" item.

Eventually, the item was returned to my friend and a refund was issued.

What was the fraud, you say?

Here's the list:

  • We all knew that the items where sent in excellent condition with proper packing.
  • We actually KNEW that the customer's friend had opened the DVDs and wrecked it themselves.
  • when the first set was returned - we could see that some of the discs had uptained scratches from being used in a very bad DVD player or computer DVD-Rom drive.
  • The metal box that the dvds came housed in had a gigantic dent in the side - from being dropped on a hardwood floor of somekind

and the most obvious of all...

They wanted a refund without sending back the item first.

This is a true story that some of you may have heard or had happen to you before.

We hope this guide was alittle helpful.

We will post more tips soon.

Happy ebaying.

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