Buyers !!

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Unfortunately a handful of buyers can cause you so many headaches and in return we have to wear the dodgy reputation via our feedback....I'll explain what I mean. I sell jewellery and I thouroughly check all my items before I post them as health regulations state body jewellery cannot be exchanged. I get the odd email stating the item was broken, but obviously you dont want to call a customer a liar so I always explain that I would have to return the item back to the suppliers for testing to establish how it was borken. Now this filters out about half of them and I hear no more about it but some others are still persistent. I have now started taking digital photographs of each item I send and name it with the buyers Ebay i.d. All digital photo's have a date stamp on the file extention so it can be proven when photo was taken. I am even thinking about sending a small thumbnail picture with the items I post so that the buyer can see it left here in very good order.

Belly rings can be very dainty therefore have to be handled carefully and sometime people are just a bit too heavy handed. I know the photo idea can be a pain in the butt and time consuming but if you are always having to send replacements it can be worth while.


Buyers !!

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