Buyers Guide - Is it really a bargain ?

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The low item price high postage scam

Quiet often we have seen bargains on ebay only to find out the buyer is charging over the top prices on postage examples I have seen are items under $1 and postage of  $30-$100 plus.

Postage isn't mentioned in the auction

Another trick sellers I have been caught out with is that the sellers dont disclose postage price you try to clarify with them after you bid and you cant get a straight answer until auction end.  Then when it comes time to pay they send you a invoice with some off the planet high price.

Tip Never bid on a item unless it has a postage cost included unless you confirm the postage and handling first.

Low item prices and high postage stating they are sending item from Overseas (ie China)

This is another scam we have seen.  The buyer states they are from China etc and they charge a high postage ie what you would have to pay from overseas to send the item and you find out the ebayer does have a seller account in China is in fact located in Australia and they sent the item through domestic mail rather than international pocketing the postage.

Sellers that try to up the postage price after they have given you a fixed firm price on postage

I have been caught with this a number of times buying items.   Quiet often it is a genuine mistake and they miscalculated the postage.  But more often than not they under quote postage in the auction and dont disclose the postage is only a estimate then seller ask for more to cover postage.

If this happens to you determine if the person is genuine. You may be willing to cover the extra cost.

But I would put it to the seller they entered into a legally binding contract when they sold the item and the postage is as they quoted and you wont pay the extra.  Firstly the seller will learn from the mistake of underpricing postage secondly you will get the bargain you though you were getting.

Mutiple Item auction and charging multiple postage

The other scam we have seen is buyers selling say 10 items seperate items in a individual auction on ebay cheaply then they dont offer combined post for the ten items instead they charge postage on all 10 items individually $5.50 *10 you do the maths $55 dollars its a rip off! they send the 10 items in a postpak for $5.50 and they make nearly $50 profit on the postage).  Usually the seller is doing this to avoid fees on ebay and get people to bid on what they are selling as you think it would be a bargain ? not.

Please keep in mind that most postage unless you send item items in prepaid packages and the item is over half a kg that the postage company does charge some hefty prices based on weight and location.  Dont expect that the seller will combine postage for two 10kg items (for example potting mix).   Be realist with the items you want to combine for example several items of clothing may not weight much and will be easy to combine.  Dont expect all sellers to combine all your items over several days or weeks (unless you contact them first) remember you arent to only buyer some deal with several hundred a day imagine the paperwork over a week or two and the sellers they deal with.

Confirm that the sellers policy before bidding

Tips for the buyer !!!

First of all if its an auction don't bid on an item until the last few minute maybe place on small bid to get the item in your bidding list and also draw the seller into a selling contract (remember sellers after they sell a number of items can edit the auction they have up at any time change the price whatever until a bid is placed).

What you are over the auction if you bid is inflating the price of the item you are bidding on.  Dont get caught in a bidding war bid toward the end of an auction.

Learn what Sniping is do a goggle search. Youll save a fortune !

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