Buyers Guide for purchasing Iron on & Sew on Patches.

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Most people at some point in time purchase a patch to apply to a jacket, a cap, a backpack or bag, or just to keep as a momento. I am often asked by buyers if the patch they want to purchase will suit the intended purpose, or how to apply the patch to there chosen piece of clothing.

There are a few different types of patches commonly available, and there are different methods of applying the patch to different types of fabric.

Printed Patches.

These patches are made of a piece of fabric, with a screen printed (or on cheaper patches iron on transfer) image on them.

With some poor quality patches, the image or logo can fade with time.

Embroidered Patches.

The logo or picture on these patches is made up of thousand of tiny stitches, giving the image a raised surface.

These patches are of a higher quality than the printed patches.

Iron on Patches.

These patches have a heat activated bonding agent on the back of the patch, which will stick to a fabric when heat is applied. They have a smooth and shiny appearance on the back.

  • They can only be ironed on once.
  • Make sure that the item of clothing you are attaching the patch to is clean.
  • Place a piece of fabric (such as a tea towel or a napkin) over the patch when ironing it on, so the iron does not mark or burn the patch.
  • Use a hot / dry setting on your iron, and press down firmly for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • If you are applying to a light or very flexible fabric, you may want to sew it on as well, to make sure that the patch does not fall off with time.

Sew on Patches.

The back of sew on patches will be rough. (Not smooth or shiny like the Iron on Patches)

  • Sew the patch on with thread that is the same colour as the patch – this will make the stitching less obvious.
  • If you do not know how to use a needle and thread, purchase some "hemming web" from a supermarket, cut a few small strips, place on the back of the patch, and then iron the patch on.
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