Buyers Guide to: U2 Memorabilia

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The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences on buying U2 memorabilia on eBay. I have purchased several items over the last few years, most recently was a few dvds and have generally found that by searching on eBay on can find items that you can no longer find in retails stores.

First, always check the sellers feedback score. I prefer to buy from sellers with at least 80% positive feedback sellers.  Ask questions.

Secondly,  I also look at what other items the seller has listed, if you are lucky you can find a few items that may interest you and if lucky to win all you can save on postage. My first win on eBay was from a seller who had a heap of U2 Posters for sale, they offered a discount on postage if more than one item was won, in the end i got nearly all their U2 posters farely cheap and saved a bundle on postage

I also check out listing worldwide, you can sometimes save by buying from America and it does not take that long for it to be shipped over to Australia.

Also before jumping in and bidding on the first item you see take the time to scroll through the listings, you may find the same items further down the page with a lower starting price. Also search by using different descriptions, as not all items are listed clearly.

I have added my U2 search to my list of favourite searches, so every morning all I need to do it go to the bottom of My eBay and select U2, and it takes me to U2 items sorted newly listed.

To learn how to add items to your favourite searches see here Fav Searches

To get rid of items that you don't want like ipods which you will find heaps of when searching U2, use this line to search U2 items. U2 -ipod -ipods -concert -concerts -tickets -tix, this is what i use as it do not want to see anything to do with ipods or concert tickets. Click here to see the latest items listed for U2 U2 Search - Newest first

I started my U2 collection whilst at High School, which was about 9 years ago, all I had were a few posters and the Achtung Baby CD. Now from shopping on eBay and HMV I have a large collection which includes all the Albums, heaps of singles, mass of posters, U2 rings, Watches, Figerines, Books, DVDS, Videos, Material Banners, Clippings, LPs, Tapes, Pillow Cases.





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