Buyers guide to a clothing bargain

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Getting a Bargain

Most people like a bargain, and patience is the way to go.  Spend as much time as you can browsing, this is the fun bit, the same as wandering around a shopping centre, but from the comfort of your own home.  Each time you find something that you are after, add it to your watch list.  Remember that you will come back later and review these listings, so add heaps, it saves you looking again for that one item you missed.  It is often a good idea if you are wanting to buy an item, and there is many of the same thing for sale, to go to the Advanced Search, and search in completed listings to see what items have sold for in the previous weeks, this will give you a guide of what it's worth.

Once you have all the items you may be interested in, go to your watch list, and if you havent already, Customize your display (Top right hand corner) and tick the box next to Display that says My Notes, then save this setting.

Now as you go through your items, check each listing:

  • Make sure that the item is the correct size, material, in condition that you are happy with, ask the Seller any questions that you are unsure of, or that need clarifying.  Also look at the Sellers feedback, and read the negative remarks - if there are any - to see what sort of problems people have had with them before. Sometime customers have left negative feedback for silly reasons, or reasons that may not affect you when buying from them
  • Also read the postage costs, some Sellers add compulsory Insurance, or have ridiculous postage charges, so make sure that you are willing to pay what the person is asking.  Also remember that some listings that start at 99c often have a high postage rate, and this may effect your 'bargain'.
  • Delete any items that you are not 100% happy with.

Next steps:

  • Go through and add a note to each item that you have decided to bid on, as a reminder of what the item is worth, and the top price that you are willing to pay - if the auction ends in 6 days, as you may forget in the meantime.
  • Now heres the trick: You need to wait until the final minutes of the Auction to place your bid.  Depending on your Internet connection speed, (with Dialup, place your bid with about 1 minute to go, and Broadband, with about 30 seconds to go.  With practice you will know exactly how long you need, so leave a little extra to start with).  But, dont just place your bid above other bidders, because if they have a higher bid, you will run out of time to enter another bid.  Put in the top price that you are willing to pay, the price you noted in your watched items. 
  • All you have to do now is wait, and sometimes you get a bargain, sometimes you get a good buy, and sometimes you miss out as another bidder has entered a higher maximum bid, but don't be disappointed because if you have done your homework, the item probably wasn't worth what they paid!

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