Buyers please give feedback when item/s arrive.

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To me it is common courtesy and an obligation for the buyer to do this. I can never understand why buyers don't give feedback after the item/s arrive. As a seller I have waited for weeks and then the buyer decides to give feedback.

what is it that takes so long?

The feedback is a great way of advising the seller you have received what you have purchased and all is good, or bad. "You kill two birds with one stone" so to speak.

It is not a good practice to just give Negative Feedback if there is a problem and you haven't tried to contact the seller. All decent sellers relish the opportunity to try and correct a problem, and if it can't be corrected the buyer then they have the right to take whatever action they deem appropriate. I have had buyers who are just rude and agressive and it did not matter what proposal I submitted, they were not happy. Some of them gave Negative Feedback and I submitted a complaint to the Ebay Resolution Centre for arbitration.

Sellers like myself are not on Ebay to get rich, or rip people off, far from it. It is just a great pastime and a way to meet some wonderful people, and people with the same interest/hobby as you. Mind you, you come across some "doosies" but hey that's life, I deal with them and move on.

As a seller I feel it is my obligation to give feedback as soon as payment has cleared and the item is posted. I also send an email advising the buyer that payment has been received and cleared and I have posted item/s. Some sellers say they don't have the time for this. What crap that is. The person who bought from you is a customer and I treat customers exactly the way I like to be treated, even better in most cases.

I treat my emails the same way, I answer them immediately or as soon a practically possible. For me it is rudeness, like not returning a phone call, now that really makes me mad.

As I say, Ebay can be fun just learn to play by the rules. Regards, Colin
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