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9 times out of 10, IMPULSE BUYING IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY, but, I suppose, if a person loves to waste money, well... it keeps leeches in business.  (And I am sure many of us can remember a seedy little character with a pointed little nose, beady little eyes, and shiny little shoes, smiling and waving good-bye, as we left his dirty little shop.)  Even though eBay is a fantastic idea, with good intentions for its buyers and sellers, and we do all this wheeling and dealing through the magic of the internet, there are many many many many many many beady little eyes, peering out the windows of dirty little shops...

Suggestion #1: If you use eBay only to buy, and you do A LOT of buying, try your hand at selling a few things...  And, if you choose to give selling a go, check out what your competitors are selling, and for how much.  Give their items a good going over, read their descriptions word by word, and put them up against yours.  If you spend enough time doing the comparisons, you are going to be amazed at how tiny and beady those eyes get, how long and pointy those noses get, and how those smiles seem to have a nasty appeal... cute huh...

Knowing exactly what you want and going after it is the name of the game, really... but setting some limits in the process.  If you're buying (see Suggestion #1...), remember that there are some people out there who just can't, or refuse to, see those pointy little noses, and they ARE going to treat their dollars like water going down the gurgler.  They ARE going to "bid high and bid often", and if you aren't careful, you might just take it personally.  (See picture, above...)  Do NOT bid against other people... DO bid on the item, and the condition it's in.  EBay is a big world, and it is not limited to "".  There are quite a few eBay markets and, if you SHOP, you will see that some are better, and some aren't.  Go take a look...  I've bought things from Tassie to Florida to Geneva to Berlin to Singapore and back to Tassie.

Be as shrewd as you possibly know how, and remember... a seller is only your friend when he sees your money.  Ask that seller questions - as many as you want or can, and if he or she doesn't want to answer, scratch the item off your list of possibilities - IT IS YOUR GAIN - you owe no one a thing, here.  And, even though the feedback system is extremely misused and abused, it does tell a story - even if you are just looking at the numbers, and not what people have said.  CHECKING THE FEEDBACK IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST.

My competition hates me and that's a good thing...

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