Buying Body Piercing Jewellery - A Health Warning!!!!

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With over 10,000 items of body piercing Jewellery available on e-bay how do you choose whats right for you? How do you know whats good quality? What Jewellery can be hazardous to your health? This Guide is primarily on the health issues surrounding invasive body piercing jewellery.

If you talk to any Body Piercing specialist/practitioner they will all say the same thing..... Ensure that the jewellery is made of materials that wont react with your body. We all know of how you get those dirty looking black stains on your skin from Stirling Silver Jewellery.... Imagine putting that under your skin! Nasty stuff really.

Some Jewellery is made of cheap materials like chromed or painted mild steel. These coatings can and will come off the substrate (base) metal and be deposited within your piercing. These materials can even break down small enough to pass directly into your blood stream. If your body has a reaction to this particular material you could end up with an infection/poisioning. In some severe cases urgent medical attention or hospitalisation may be needed, which may result in disfiguring scars.... all from buying that $4.95 special.

There are alot of reputable manufacturers around the world and alot of reputable retailers/ebayers selling their products. They are more than happy to supply you with full testing data sheets from  authorities  like Sheffield Analytical Services who test metals and alloys for use in such areas as medical prosthetics to body piercing jewellery, in regards to thier suitabilty for internal human use.

These reputable manufacturers/sellers will have sometimes significantly higher prices for items that look very similar but what price do YOU put on your health.

High quality pieces are made of high quality materials such as 14 or 18k Gold, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, G23 Surgical Titanium, or Surgical Implant Grade Silicone.

Dont Just settle for The seller saying "its made of Stainless Steel". It needs to be made of 316L Stainless. As alot of Stainless steels are Building/Industry Grades not Surgical Grades.

You might save$5 or $35 dollars on that one bananabell that looks the same but has that cheaper item been tested to comply or exceed certain levels of "Cytotoxicity" or "Mutagenicity" or "Annex 2 of the EU Nickel Directive" ( fancy names for "Toxicity on a cellular level","Ability to mutate tissue" & "Won't release nickel into the bloodsteam above safe levels")

That is the reason behind the extra expense in the professionally made jewellery.

If you cannot get this sort of backup from your retailer to prove the safety of their products I'd be more inclined to look elsewhere.

What we would suggest to anyone considering purchasing body jewellery, whether on e-bay or anywhere else, that you ask questions first.....

  1. Why is it so cheap?/exspensive?
  2. What materials are used in the manufacture of the piece?
  3. Do I normally have a reaction to those metals (Some people react differently to others)
  4. Can it be Autoclaved/Heat Sterilised
  5. Do you Gaurantee your workmanship/product?

At the end of the day you only get what you pay for... Just make sure that what you pay for doesn't cost you dearly down the track.


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