Buying Books that have been pre-loved

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Buying Books that have been pre-loved can be so much fun.....Make sure you are getting what you paid for!

Books are really important in life. They can open up a whole new world to a child's life. They can take a child to a whole new world, full of fantasy and fun.

Adults can also benefit through books.  My late Grandmother showed me my passion for reading. When I was younger I can remember her visiting our house with a small parcel of goodies in her bag. When she was not looking my brother and I will dive into the bottom of her bag to see what she had.

Of course looking back on it now, she was aware of us the whole time.  But I can remember her trying to scold us for searching in her bag, which was meant to be off limits.  She would be laughing so much we would all be shedding tears of laughter.

I can still remember Her joy and comfort with reading. Her arms would wrap around me with love, and we would snuggle down for a story (or two!). I remember leaning in and concentrating with all my mite because once the book had been finished she would ask me what it was about.

Her passion for reading sure rubbed of on our family. Books of all descriptions are through our house. New ones, borrowed ones, second hand ones, even books from the library.

Buying pre-loved books are a great way to save money. Buying new ones can be so expensive and does it really have to be brand new, when a pre-loved one still holds the same amount of information inside? So what about the cosmetic affects, as long as the book still has all its pages, and can still be read then what you are really getting is a book full of information, which can be priceless most times.

Reading books with my Grandmother is a joy I will always treasure, and passing that joy down to the next generation is also my passion. Reading opens up a person to a whole new world, and can make the soul complete.

Some of my tips I use when looking for pre-loved books to purchase are
  • Does the book have all its pages?
  • Will I benefit from what is in the book?
  • If is it cosmetic damage on the outside of the book, can it still be read?
  • Will I save money by buying it pre-loved compared to new?
  • Will my life be the better for the knowledge from the book?
Looking at the condition of the book and comparing it to the above, lets me determine if the pre-loved book is worth my time and money. Most times I am delighted with what is in the book, so I forget how it looks on the outside because as that old saying my Grandmother used to say to me all the time

"You Can Never Tell Whats In the Book By What Is On The Outside Of the Cover, It Is What Is Inside That Is Important"

Thanks Gran for giving me a passion for reading! My memories with you will always remain.

Take Time Out Of Your Day To Change Your World, Pick Up A Book Today!

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