Buying Car ? Want a Realiable Car

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Buying a car? yes

now first you will have to think that how much you got?but remmember that doesnt matter what car you buy . its a used or brand new, u will still have to spend money on it... WHY?

1)you may end up buying some nice wheels?


3)seat covers?

4)fragrance etc etc

back to our topic, make sure

the car is registered, as if a car is unregistered its a trouble gettin it registered.

because in victoria you will end up hiring a trailer/permit or tow truck but it will cost you something to move the unregistered car.

now first deicide that on a long run the car is going to be reliable? buy a car where you have oppotunity of buying cheap parts.

for example, commodore, mazda 323 and so on

Things to remmember when buying a car:-

  1. Never worry about the milleage because the seller might have changed the speedo meter?reversed it?
  2. make sure no oil leakage, now in this case, it could be something minor as it could be just the rockler cover which will cost you only $50-$70 include parts and labour.
  3. make sure no RUST as in victoria they take rust very serious and infact it is dangerous. a small rust can cost you $100 to get it fixed
  4. make sure tyres are in RW condition (as new one will cost you $300-$500).
  5. wheel alignment
  6. check play in the steering wheel (i bought this car for my brother and guesss what there was no play in the steering, now there always should be play(free) around 2-5cm. now this is really important that if there is no play in the steering and u turn it little bit to left and the car does move to left, means that its been in accident or could be other possibilities but DONT BUY THIS CAR.
  7. A/C <--- depend if you really want it.
  8. oh i forgot, when you buy a car, make sure you start it when its cold, tell the owner not to start the car for 2 days.WHY? try to be smart, not to mention the accurate time or day, just tell the seller that you will come in next few days and what time he will be home, now, what you have to do is ring the seller when u near his house, so if u lucky and he is home, then all u gotta do is
  • check oil level and coolant level, so you can tell if the seller did maintain the car
  • start the car and listen if there is some serious noise or not, you may hear knocking noise but it could be cheap thick oil or tapets??
  • check the RPM if its shaking or constant/smooth..should be smooth...if no RPM then dont know?
  • listen to the crank , that how long it takes to start
  • leave the car started, have chat ask questions and then check the TEMP guage after 20 min ? check if its heating up or not!
  • to check if the car heatup, go for a drive, drive little bit rough so the car heatup, but if everything working perfect the temperature will settle in seconds otherwise something DODGY.
  1. check roof lining
  2. check windscreen (make sure no crack,chip or not sunburst) lining/boundary
  3. check battery and ask wut parts been replaced in the last year or so.
  4. hey do you guys know about BATTERY? all the battery look same and same size but make sure you always get a battery with the proper CCA ... YES running a 380CCA in a commodore is like killing the car, i would recomment atleast 520CCA.
  5. make sure all the electric work
  6. check spare tyre, jack and accesories in the boot
  7. wipers
  8. if the car vibrate DONT BUY, could be bushes , engine mount etc etc which can cost you frmo $100-$500
  9. stand behind the car and listen if the car is missing( could be a very light poping noise) which means it could be that its not gettin enough fuel?  couldbe timing belt or car may need a major service.

Well, there is so much to look when you buying a car, absolutely you paying for it, doesnt matter you paying $1,but seller should be honest and its not nice that a buyer stranded middle of nowhere because the seller was dodgy and sold a dodgy car...

now if you need to know few good workshop and cheap places to get tyres etc etc

PM me or ring me on 0432242181 between 11am-11pm.


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