Buying Cheap Guitars for the novice

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You know the saying 'if its to good to be true than it probably is', well its not always the case when buying an electric guitar. There are things you should look for when buying or bidding. And so far ive done fairly good.

Research the guitar (Brand, Maker...), any info you can get to help you decide weather you are about to flush your cash down the toilet or weather your getting a bargan.

Read the sellers feedback, this can also help you to determin if the seller is worth dealing with.

Ask Questions: Is the neck straight? What kind of hardware is installed? Is that hardware in good condition? Is the body Hardwood or Plywood? How old is the guitar? Are the frets even? And so on.

Make sure the postage is fair and set in stone... Make sure there are no extra charges.... Make sure you read the listing and if doubt ask questions!!!

Dont pay more than you have to! eBay is like gambling and can be very addictive. When your bidding and your down to the last minute before auction close, Excitment/Adrenaline kicks in and you might be tempted to purchase for more than the items worth. Relax, and remember if you lose you will win again another day. At some point in time everything gets relisted on ebay. So you really not missing out.

Check my blog for info on guitars ive purchase via my account or my wifes account. Use this as a point stick.

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