Buying Clothing Successfully on Ebay

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This Guide is to help even the most newest ebay buyer to buy successfully.  When I say successfully, I mean  that you end up with an item that you are really wanting or needing and being happy with, if not ecstatic,  with your purchase!

Follow these tips to help you on your way:

1. Use key words in the Advanced Search which help describe what you are after.  For example, if you are needing to find a brand new jumper for your eight year old, put in words like NEW or abbreviations like BNWT (brand new with tag), BNWOT (brand new without tag), NWOT and NWT (new without tag, new with tag). 

2. Go through different combinations of words in the Advanced Search like the colour that would describe what you are after,  style such as 'long sleeve', 'vest' , 'jumper', 'top', 'hoodie', 'hooded' etc.

3. Use words in your Advanced Search that describe the type of material you are after such as 'fleecy', 'fleece', 'knit', 'knitted', 'wool', 'acrylic', 'cotton' etc.

4. Size can also be put in the Advanced Search.  Remember that sizes can vary between brands so much so that it is sometimes worth looking at what is listed in the size below and the size above the size you are actually after.  Always check measurements if provided and if they are not provided, always 'ask a question' on the listing page.  Sellers are almost always very helpful and welcoming for questions as it means to them that they may have a serious buyer asking for details on the garment/article.

5. Size can also be sought after you have found a list of garments by clicking on the sizing boxes on the left hand side of the page.  You can also click on the 'boys', 'girls', 'womens', 'mens', 'maternity' etc boxes that suit you and then click on the Search button just below your selections.  You can also check colour, material type etc on this panel.  Try out different combinations here too, to see what you come up with. 

6. Mix the words around a bit and you will soon notice that you will come up with different articles each time.

7.  Once you have discovered any items you like, save them to your 'My Ebay' page until you have a collection of garments/articles that sound like they suit your requirements. 

8.  Read carefully each description and if there is something that doesn't match your needs and puts you off that item altogether you can delete it off your 'My Ebay'.  This way you can cull the items that you wouldn't really be happy with and you will end up with a neat little list of items that are very likely to be just what you are after.

9.  Look carefully at the photo.  'Study' it to see if, for example, the sleeves are really the style you are after, if there is stretching from past use of the garment in places like the waist band, if the colour is really like the colour you are after (ask the seller a question if the colour is the same in real life as it is in the photo if you are not sure if it looks realistic or if you wish to make sure of the colour itself).  Also look for marks/stains/fading/holes/missing buttons etc and ask the seller about anything that you think you have noticed. 

10.  Ask the seller a question, or two, or three!  They are sure not to mind and if they do then you can delete them off your list!  Asking questions also helps you find safer sellers because you know if they respond and are happy to help you are probably communicating with a safe seller.  If they do not answer your question, be wary.  (Personally I would not buy from a seller who did not answer my question).  Give the seller time to answer your question as they may have children and busy lives or only answer in the evening when they are home from work.  Some sellers also have a break over the weekend when their family becomes a priority, so be prepared to wait a day or two as well.

11.  Check the % percentage rating that the seller has.  You know if they have 100% they have a good reputation and are likely to want to keep it that way, so will treat you well.  You know if the rating is less that 100% to check out why and read the 'Feedback' comments.  Sometimes this can explain to you that they are still safe to buy from even if they have 99%, for example.  The lower the rating the more reading of comments I would do and the more questions I would ask!





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