Buying Creative Memories at Ebay

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I've used Ebay for a few years now and initially started as a seller of Creative Memories Scrapbook products... and often as a purchaser of them too!  I thought I'd share some of my experience in this area - given that there are currently more than 60 pages of CM products for sale in Australia alone!

Firstly I should point out that I am not a CM consultant, never have been, never will be.  CM discourages the use of Ebay in favor of their consultant network.  However, if you want a bargain, a product that has been discontinued or isn't available in Australia - Ebay is often the way to go. (BTW: how did I get my CM stock to sell on Ebay? from former CM consultants as combined lots that I've broken down and from overseas consultants).

This guide has got a lot bigger than I planned, so I've summarised the 5 key points:
1. Know the current retail value of the product you are bidding on.
2. Factor in the postage cost.
3. Size up the product.
4. Ask questions before you bid.
5. Check the sellers Ebay shop.

The first thing you need is knowledge of the retail value of what you are bidding on, you can achieve this by having a copy of the current CM price list, don't forget to factor in the postage.  It is of no benefit to buy a product on Ebay for a low price and then find that the postage makes it twice as expensive than if you'd gone to your local CM consultant in the first place.  When there were specific items that I wanted I kept a list by my computer of the maximum I was allowed to bid (including postage) and if an auction went over that, I'd wait till a similar item was listed.

Take the time to size up the product - read the fine print to work out what size it is, it may look A4 in the photo but that doesn't mean it actually is - this will also help you to determine how much you are willing to spend on it, and if the postage seems excessive.  Is the product new, has it been opened or is it part of a set/kit that someone has divided up?  If it is a product from CM USA, what is the likelihood of the product being released in Australia - can you wait?  If you aren't sure about a product, ask before you bid. 

If the seller has an Ebay shop, is the same product listed as a buy it now?  Also if you win an auction item take the time to see what else the buyer has for auction and in their shop - you can get some good bargains (particularly on single sticker sheets) and save lots on postage.  However, you may need to exercise some self control and not get too carried away!

Happy bidding!




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