Buying Crystals online - which one is right for you?

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 Normally when you walk into a new age store with the intent of buying a crystal you have the opportunity to pick it up, study it and feel the energy radiating from it. You can't do that when shopping online so how do you go about choosing the crystal that is right for you?
 My advice is to trust the crystal.

 I personally believe that all crystals will eventually end up where they need to be. You may already know that you want a particular type of crystal but there are so many to choose from. Do you go for the cheapest one with the lowest postage cost? If that feels right to you then that is the crystal for you!

 Aside from your own intuition or gut feeling, the photos and descriptions of the specimen are all you have to go on. Let the crystal speak to you through the photos.  At  Harvest Moon Australia we always try to take the best pictures possible. If you come across a crystal or mineral specimen and find the picture isn't adequate please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with a clear, accurate representation of the crystal.

 There are many benefits to buying crystals online. You don't have to leave home to do it and they're generally less expensive as the seller is able to pass the saving on to you if they're not operating out of a brick and mortar store.  Whatever your reason for buying online, if you trust the connection between you and the crystal, you don't need to agonise over which one to purchase as you can be confident you're getting the one that is right for you.

 At Harvest Moon Australia we trust the crystals and when choosing for our buyers we always do so energetically.

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