Buying DVDS on ebay

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For avid movie fans ebay provides an abundant array of choices.Covering all genres ebay provides you with a quick and easy way to build up a  your existing  DVD collection or start a new one.

I've been with ebay for about 8 months now and I have accumulated around fifty of my favourite movies.There are many advantages to buying movies on ebay but the one that I find  the best is the ability to find that special DVD that you've always wanted to have but have never seen  available in the shops. Rare Arthouse movies,Special editions,Independant documentaries including a current one I purchased "In Plane Site" about the conspiracy theories concerning September 11.Sporting ,music and box sets,T.V series all these at your fingertips.If you prefer to have the DVDs before they have come out on DVD in Australia you can pick them up from a seller in America where it has already gone to DVD. For example I purchased David Cronenbergs "A HistoryOf Violence"from the States a month ago in April and already have it on DVD and it hasn't even come out in Australia yet.


Always read the full information provided by the seller. For example is the DVD the version you want?Is it a genuine or is it a copy.?Is it in it's original case?new or second hand?Also you should look at buyer feedback comments this is a list of people who have bought off the relevant seller these comments are very useful to check the sellers credibility.Also another thing to keep in mind is Region Coding.This is crucial if your buying DVD's from overseas.Each country has a region code which is a format system your DVD player uses to play DVDS Australias region code is 4,America region code is 1 and so on depending on country of origin the DVD is from.Most new DVD players are now multi region which means it plays all DVD formats so just check your DVD players manual or on the back off the player itself where I found mine.Region codes and  all of the above details  are provided by the seller in the 'item details'. 

POSTAGE COSTS....For 0ne DVD  from inside Australia about $4.from United states it varies from $6 up, the more DVDs you buy off a single seller at one time the cheaper it becomes.Sometimes if an item seems very cheap when the read the postage cost its more expensive than the item but this rarely occcurs when buying DVDs.Anyway check the 'postage details' from the sellers page and find out before purchasing.

PAYMENT METHODS   go to the ebay home page all is clearly shown and links will guide you through.I must admit i was a bit dubious about putting my account details on the computer but it really is safe as house,no problems,PayPal for example is excellent and very secure.Every purchase using whichever method you choose will come with a reciept sent by email from i'vre had absolutely no problems with the ebay provided paying methods.  

In closing I've really enjoyed buying my DVDS on ebay,very rarely have I not recieved what i thought I was getting and in those one or two cases it was my fault for not checking the item details properly.But hey! now I have a great collection of my fav all time movies,ones I couldn't get anywhere else and I'am the envy of the whole world!!!!!!!!



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