Buying DVDs at the LOWEST price possible

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eBay stores are a haven for finding low-price DVDs. They are also a haven for finding OVER-priced DVDs. Many eBay stores tend to mark up their DVDs, making up to a 300% profit in comparison to the recommended retail price. It is interesting to search for a particular DVD, and discover that there is a significant price range for the same title. While shopping for DVDs, it is important not to buy a DVD from the first seller you come across, but rather use PATIENCE and compare the prices from a handful of sellers. Here are some examples (as at 20/05/07) from eBay stores: __________________________________________________________ DVD: "Into the Blue" [Brand New] JJA Entertainment - $39.99 Yanlou6868 - $34.78 Movie Mars - $25.71 Elite Entertainment - $14.94 PRICE DIFFERENCE: $25.05 Same item- drastic price range between stores! __________________________________________________________ DVD: "Raise Your Voice" [Brand New] JJA Entertainment - $44.99 Aussie Gamer - $41.00 Yanlou6868- $35.05 Elite Entertainment - $14.94 PRICE DIFFERENCE: $30.05 Same item - even greater price range between stores! __________________________________________________________ DVD "Alias Season 3" [Brand New] JJA Entertainment - $104.99 Entertainment House - $94.95 Gift Station DVD Zone - $59.95 Shop 4 DVD - $44.95 Elite Entertainment - $32.98 PRICE DIFFERENCE: $72.01 Same item - totally ridiculous price range between stores! __________________________________________________________ As you can see by this very small example, eBay Buyers are being ripped off in many cases! Would you seriously pay up to $72 more for the exact same DVD?! I am an eBay DVD Seller and I know exactly how much it costs to buy DVDs wholesale from the distributors. The answer is: not much. Fellow eBayers, do your research, compare prices, and don't get ripped off!
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