Buying DVD's on EBAY

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Buying DVD's on ebay can be confusing especially if you dont know the right questions to ask, but it can also be very rewarding. You may end up with a copied dvd in a slipcase rather than a real DVD in  proper DVD case and it may be from another region. While most sellers Clearly state what their dvd is and how it is packaged some do not, or add it in very small print.

Look out for

PACKAGING - If you are wanting to buy a NEW DVD as a gift or just for you you need to check the listing to see if it is.

  • brand new, unopened in case
  • you might want to ask if it is still in its cellophane wrapping
  • Ask about the quality of the dvd case, is it scratched or the plastic peeling back (you might not care if is for you but important if it is to be a gift)

If your happy to buy a second hand DVD it is worth asking the seller if the DVD has any scratches.

Other things to consider are region. Australia is Region 4 so any DVD bought that is another region MAY not play on your DVD player. However many DVD players now are MULTI region and so play all regions. You can usually check this out on the internet site for your DVD player, just look up your make and model to discover if it is multi region or not.

If you buy a asian version of a DVD it will come with ASIAN writing on box and from my xperience the DVDs can be faulty in places but overall good and you can save a lot of money, particular with the box sets or TV shows.

Buying DVD's on ebay is great and one of the best things is that you can buy DVD's of really hard to find, RARE items, like tv movies you saw when you were a kid and have been looking for for years and American TV shows that they stop playing on Australia TV. If you want you can even get ahead in TV shows that are being played here like LOST or Prison Break.




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