Buying Diamonds on Ebay

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Buying a diamond on Ebay is a very scary thing the first time that you do it. We know this because we speak to people such as yourself everyday. Ebay has given us all the opportunity to buy things a lot closer to the source and for a lot less than we have ever been able to. As a consumer myself I am really happy about this but there are lots of things that can make your ebay experience better or worse.

Here are some points that wil help you when buying a diamond.

1.Read the advert thoroughly. Its amazing how many people see an advert with the title 'Natural Certified diamond Solitaire' and then ask us if the advert is for a Natural Diamond or not. Asking questions is a must but please read the adverts.

2. Don't be shy about telling us what your budget is. Thats how we can help. Misinforming us of your budget will only lead to you being disatisfied. Your diamond dealer should be your confident and friend with whom you will do business with forever.

3. Buy the most expensive stone you can comfortably afford. Its not very often that you buy an engagement ring so buy one that she will be proud of. Let us guide you to make the correct equation of size, quality and budget. Our contact details are on every advert.

4. If for any reason when you get your stone and you don't like it please just let us know and we will fix it. If you made a mistake and bought something that you didn't understand then politely let us know and we will fix it for you. We only want happy customers as only happy customers come back.

5. Talk to your partner about what she expects from a diamond. Some people just want size, others quality. We sell all types and again asking us first what we recommend is a great way to make this inevitable purchase easier. If you want to suprise her fine! Let us know that you want to suprise her and we will help you select what is suitable by asking you some questions about your partner.

6. In the future remember you can always trade your diamond that you bought from us up in quality as your finances improve. In most cases we can give 100% of your money that you paid for your stone back towards an upgrade. Again contact us and let us work for you.

I hope this small note has been useful for you.

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