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Greetings from your resident Digimon nut! Since there's one about Tamagotchi, why not one about Digimon as well, eh? This guide contains information about the original Digimon devices, as well as the more popular Digivices.

Original V-pet

V-pets stand for "virtual pets". The original Digimon was created as a boy's alternative to the Tamagotchi - the main difference being that they can battle. They are also hardier than their Tamagotchi counterpart, as it was generally though that boys take less care of their pets. (since when..?) In general, the best Digimon can be gained by lots of training and battles.

Over the past couple of months, I've seen so many people selling the original Digimon v-pets but not knowing what version they are. It's quite simple really - you can tell from the backgrounds.

These images were originally uploaded by my good friend Blade Saber.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

So all you people wanting to sell your v-pets, CHECK THE VERSION BEFORE LISTING IT! Makes everyone happier.

A lot of the v-pets listed sometimes have parts missing - most notably the border around the screen (may be broken or missing completely), and the original keychain. This may or may not affect the final price of the v-pet, but at the end of the day, it's the original Digimon itself that matters. Keychains can easily be replaced, and certainly you can enjoy the Digimon without that border.

One thing, however, is your v-pet may be dusty when you receive it. Mostly, it doesn't affect gameplay, but I have once bought one that was so dusty, I had to open the device itself and clean between the buttons - even then, the middle button was kind of screwy. But I think this is a generally one in a million situation, so don't pay too much attention, but take note. You may be able to ask for some sort of refund from the seller if one or more of the buttons don't work properly.

Another thing you can count on when buying these guys, is don't expect it to come with the original box. Unlike the Tamagotchis which were revived a couple of years ago, Digimon has only ever been active in Japan. The first original v-pet was released in 1997. So when you see an auction that has it coming with the box, expect to pay a little more than usual. I've seen auctions that were boxed go for over AU$30, compared to my three v-pets which I got for about AU$20 apiece.

Also, auctions that provide "ship to Worldwide" option generally go for higher than if they were just avaliable to Australia. Because some people in America are still after these guys - I know this from experience. So if you're looking to save some money, look out for the local auctions.

Digivices are modelled directly from the shows itself, and are all what we call "pedometer" toys - stick the Digivice on your belt and it walks with you. (An alternative to bringing it out is just to shake it. Time consuming, but it works.) These are also mostly quest-based, and after walking a certain number of steps, your Digimon will typically meet up with a "wild" Digimon and go into battle, or encounter a Boss.

Original Digivice (Digimon Adventure)

Generally considered very rare, bidding for this can go up to about US$60 per piece. I've seen Japanese Digivices go for about US$150.

D-3 (Digimon Adventure 02)

Not as rare as the original Digivice, I've seen quite a few around. Depending on which auction you bid on, you could get lucky and get one for pretty cheap - I got mine for below AU$10 plus shipping. These come in two versions; shown is version 1. Version 2 has translucent grips. I've noticed the ones that tend to be more expensive are the V-mon versions (white and blue) and the Ken versions (black and grey).

D-Power (Digimon Tamers)
Not very common on AU eBay, but have seen a couple on International eBay. Several versions of this avaliable - European version, US version 1 (pictured), and Bandai Asia version. European D-Powers have two versions, but have different straps from the show. US D-Powers have two versions as well, but leave the straps as the ones in the show. Bandai Asia D-Powers have three versions, the first two being similar to the two US ones, and the version 3 being modelled after the Japanese Ultimate D-Arc.

D-Tector (Digimon Frontier)

Several of these popped up as well. Four versions avaliable. If you do get this, you don't have to buy the cards that are "required" for play, you can search for Digimon codes on Google.

Digivice iC (Digimon Savers)

From the new season of Digimon being aired in Japan, I've only seen one instance of this being sold on AU eBay, but is pretty much readily avaliable on International eBay. (and it was eventually bought by my friend, heheh) Two versions of these are avaliable - 10x and 20x. These run more like the traditional v-pets than like a pedometer Digivice. Menus and everything are in Japanese, so you may or may not want to consider getting the original one, because Bandai America will probably dumb it down by the time it's turn has come to release it... just as it has for all the other Digivices. My advice, having own one myself, is get it. The menus are simple enough to understand without reading Japanese, and it's very easy to get the Digimon you want on this. A word of caution, however, the iC contains the new Japanese three-prong connector, and is only connectable with the Japanese Pendulum X, Accel and Mini. However, you don't necessarily have to battle, so it's okay.

Generally, these are fairly common in AU eBay (with the exception of the original Digivice), and as I mentioned in the v-pet section, keep an eye out for the local auctions. I've only ever seen D-Powers on here once or twice though, so if you want one badly, you'll have to look International.

Other electronics
Other Digimon electronics I've noticed around AU eBay are the Pendulum Cycle, the D-Spirit and the D-Cyber. These are produced by Bandai Asia.

The Pendulum Cycle was based off the Japanese Pendulums. In my experience, getting the Digimon you want is very hard, and unless you'll have a lot of time to battle, or are just collecting, it's not a beginner's toy.

The D-Cyber... well, I'm not quite sure what it is, honestly. It's shaped roughly like your usual flip-top mobile phone, and I think acts like a Digimon Encyclopaedia. Or something.

The D-Spirit was based off the Japanese Pendulum X device. It's shaped like a capsule, and comes in silver/black and silver/blue colours. Unlike the Pendulum Xs however, which had the new three-prong connectors, the D-Spirit retained the two-prong connectors.

About bootlegs
Unlike the Tamagotchis, I haven't seen any bootlegs for Digimon on eBay - at least obvious ones. Which is a good thing! You may however, want to look out for bootlegs from HK sellers, they are rather notorious for selling fake items.

Well, I hope you found this guide helpful. Have fun bidding!
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