Buying Elliptical Exercise Bikes/Cross Trainer G5

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I decided to buy a new magnetic elliptical exercise bike/cross trainer on ebay and decided upon a price that I thought was about what I was prepared to pay. This is the first thing that I think is important, you must decide how much you want to pay for an item.

Irrespective of anything else, buying something sight unseen such as gymnastic equipment and then having to ship the product back if it is not what you expect, can be a costly experience. So it is important that you work out how much you are prepared to lose on a product if it is not what you expect.

I priced the cost of  elliptical cross trainers and concluded that $140 including cartage would be what I was prepared to pay. In the event that the product was inadequate, the worst that could happen would be I would be out of pocket $140.00.

I looked at the delivery costs and decided that for a large item, it would be best for me to get it delivered from the state in which I live. I saw that delivery ranged from $40-$88 for the same item I was going to purchase depending on which state I purchased it from.

There were also different brands offered by various sellers, but all seemed to look the same, and I reasoned that they were all made in China. In fact, I know one of the sellers of the equipment and that person imports from China. I didn't buy that sellers equipment because I was able to get one for less than half the price people bid on her equipment. Actually, the same equipment, made in China, is being sold in Kmart for $261.99. I paid $130.00 including delivery cost.

My experience has been a positive one.

So when buying:

  1. First check prices of similar items
  2. Compare delivery costs
  3. Understand that most items are manufactured in China these days, even brands, therefore make sure you are aware of what is quality and what is adequate to meet your needs.
  4. Fix a maximum amount that you are prepared to bid/ or pay, aim for about half the price you would expect to pay for a similar item in a retail outlet.

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