Buying Fishing Gear Safely from Overseas

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Maximise your savings on all types of products, especially Fishing Gear, by safely buying from overseas as well as from home.

Buying from Ebay is a fun and easy way to shop for items that you need as well as saving big $ on retail prices. However you could save even more by expanding your search and looking at overseas suppliers as well. Each country has different duties and taxes, or a larger population meaning the price competion is fiercer and you may find the product you want at half the price as your local suppliers.

If you decide to look at buying overseas you need to follow some basic steps to ensure that you find a reputable supplier that you can trust to send you the product you buy.


  1. Look at their Feedback - If they have a large feedback rating with no negatives they have sent many products to many customers with no problems.
  2. Do they take Paypal - All Sellers that register with Paypal have to register personal details to open a Paypal account. Also Paypal offers Buyer Protection in many cases that gives you added security to the transaction. Paypal Information
  3. Ask the Seller questions - Reputable Sellers will answer questions quickly and give you all the answers you ask for, they will not dodge any areas.
  4. Check the Shipping Cost - Make sure you are clear as to the shipping to your country. If it is not listed specifically ask the Seller the Shipping price.

Some of the other things to take into consideration when buying products from overseas is that you are responsible for any Customs Duties of Taxes on goods if they are applicable. In Australia for example you may bring in goods to the value of $1000 for personal use without paying any Customs or Duties. Check your local Customs regulations before you place any bids.

Remember, some products for sale overseas are illegal to buy in other Countries such as some supplements etc.. It is up to you to make sure that you can bring it in to your country before you Bid or Buy.

When you have done your homework and are ready to look for the Items you want from around the world follow these simple steps:

  • Type in the Item name in the search fields.
  • When the list comes up look on the left hand side of the product descriptions for the the "Search Options" area.
  • Check the box next to "Worldwide" and click on the "Show Items" button.
  • If you want then choose the appropriate "Matching Catergories" and your there.

All the matching products from all around the world that are available to your country are now up for you to choose.

Follow the SAFE BUYING STEPS above and you will open up the world of Ebay bargains.


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