Buying Genuine Region 1 & 2 Releases on eBay

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If you are an avid DVD collector, you will find a huge array of DVD and Blu-Ray sets listed on eBay.

Some of these sets will never be released in Australia, these are usually from The United States or The United Kingdom, this means they will be a different region code.

Your DVD player must be compatible with these sets, this is VERY important to know before you make purchase.

Here is what you must keep in mind:

USA = Region 1
UK   = Region 2

Australia is REGION 4.

Make sure your DVD player is Region 1 or 2 compatible, this means it will have to be multi-zone compatible, or you will have to make your DVD player Region Free.

Most DVD players have a Region code menu that you can access, set it to Region 0 and you can watch DVDs from anywhere in the world. An amazing feature if you are a DVD collector as it will open up the possibility of watching sets you never could before.

You can check your DVD player type here:

If you ensure that your DVD player is compatible before purchase, this will ensure you are not left with a DVD that you cannot watch!

We highly recommend that you purchase a multi-zone player, or make your current player Region free. This will help you find the best DVD deals and also give you access to sets you cannot purchase in Australian retail stores.
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