Buying Gold, Diamond and other Gemstone Rings

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If a diamond is a girl's best friend then you are about to make a whole lot of new best friends on eBay. The selection is endless, from Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds and many more gemstones, you are sure to find something amazing. The best part of all is that you will probably get it at a fraction of the cost than that of retail stores. This guide is to give you a better understanding of what to look for when buying Diamond and Gold Rings.


Aprox. 2ct Diamond

When buying Gold and Diamond Rings you should take note of the stone quality and the weight and carat of the gold. The heavier and the higher carat the gold the more valuable the piece of jewellery.

The quality of diamonds and their worth are determind by four factors:

  • Cut: The more facets the diamond has the more it will glitter and sparkle. This will depend on the shape of the diamond. Round diamonds usually have the most facets. This is extremely important in allowing the light passage through the diamond. These are some of the cuts: Princess (Square), Round, Pear, Emerald (Rectangle) and Oval.
  • Carat: The larger the diamond, the more valuable it is. There are a hundred points per carat. Always check with the seller what the actual points size of the diamond is. A one carat diamond is 6.5mm. Below are the aproximate sizes of some of the popular sizes of diamonds.

 0.05ct (2.5mm) -  0.10ct (3mm) -  0.25ct(4.1mm) -  0.50ct (5.2mm) -  0.75ct (5.9mm)-  1.00ct (6.5mm) (Circles are the size of the actual ROUND diamonds.)

  • Clarity:

"Flawless: Perfect inside and out."                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Internally Flawless: May have minor blemishes 
VVS1, VVS2: May have very very small inclusions (flaws). VVS1 inclusions can only be seen through the pavilion. VVS2 inclusions are more visible.
VS1, VS2: Have very small inclusions. VS1 inclusions are harder to see than VS2.
SI1, SI2, SI3: Have small inclusions.
I1, I2, I3: Have inclusions visible to the naked eye.

  • Color: Diamonds come in a range of colours from the popular white to yellow, pink, blue and even  black..

Diamond Rings

Emerald Rings 

Ruby Rings

Sapphire Rings

Other Gemstone Rings

Buying other gemstones:

Perfect emeralds, are very rare and extremely expensive. Most emeralds you will find at an affordable price will have some flaws so ask the seller if you have any questions.

Look for clean, clear stones and make sure you ask the seller if they are natural stones and not synthetic stones.


Garnet ring is 10ct Gold. Diamond ring is 18ct. 18ct gold is much more yellow, because it has more pure gold content.

This is a 22ct Gold and Ceylon Sapphire Ring. As you can see the gold is even more yellow than the 18ct.

Beware of Gold Plated as they often use 24ct plating that looks very yellow, but is not Sold Gold.

Gold: Gold comes in many carats of which 24ct (24k) is the purest. 18ct gold is very popular in rings and Bracelets where more durability and stability is required. 18ct gold is 75% pure gold. Some jewellery also comes in 10ct gold which is 41.7 percent gold. The lower the carat means the less gold content.

24ct (24k) pure gold with no other metals added (99.9% gold) 
22ct (22k) = (91.7% pure gold)
18ct (18k) = (75% pure gold)
14ct (14k) = (58.5% pure gold) 
9ct (9k) = (37.5% pure gold)

18ct Gold Rings 

14 ct Gold Rings 

10ct Gold Rings

9ct Gold Rings 


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