Buying Guide for Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre

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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Buying Guide

Pirelli has long maintained a reputation for producing some of the most high quality motorcycle tyres in the world. Today, the Italian manufacturer offers a wide variety of motorcycle tyres, including everything from grand touring to racing tyres. The Milan-based company has become one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world since it was founded over nine decades ago.
The wide range of available Pirelli motorcycle tyres address the widely divergent needs of racers, commuters, and off-road cyclists alike. Softer rubber can stick to the track in hard, high-speed cornering. Hard rubber can offer prolonged service on roadways. Tread designs can range from the super knobby types used for off-roading to far smoother treads that maximise performance on paved roads. The selection of the right tyres is crucial if one wants to optimise safety, performance, and value.

Types of Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres


Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP offers racetrack-level performance in a street-legal design. The Diablo includes Pirelli’s patented high modulus carcass fibre. A bi-compound rear tyre simultaneously enhances stability, grip, and mileage.

Diablo Rosso Corsa

The Diablo Rossa Corsa features a multi-compound composition in the rear tyre for optimal road contact. It offers top-notch grip on both the racetrack and the road. The aggressive tyre tread design promotes excellent control, particularly when emerging from turns and bends.

Diablo Rosso II

The Diablo Rosso II offers more consistent tread wear than its predecessor. A special silica compound enhances grip on wet surfaces while maintaining good mileage. A softer compound is used along the shoulder of the tread to offer excellent grip during full-lean cornering.


Pirelli’s Angel tyres feature a next-generation, high-silica rubber that is excellent for sport touring use. They offer good grip on dry roads and stability on wet ones. The compound used is formulated to perform well even at low temperatures. The Angel tyre will offer consistent performance until close to the end of its effective life span.

Angel GT

The Angel GT is a Gran Turismo variation that is ideal for lengthy road trips where safety and fuel economy are both important considerations. The GT expands the sport touring tyre to a wider array of road conditions.


Sport Demon

The Sport Demon tyre offers superb grip on both dry and wet surfaces while maintaining good mileage. Consistent performance results in part from the rear multi-radius design. Sport touring enthusiasts may select this tyre because of the balance between quality and cost.

City Demon

The City Demon is designed to provide high levels of performance and mileage over the life of the tyre. The carcass supports a wide range of loads on bikes with smaller engines.The front tyre features deep centre grooves to accentuate stability on straight roads while maintaining safety on wet surfaces. It is an economical, low-maintenance tyre.

Phantom Sportscomp

This unique tyre combines a classic tread design with high-tech compounds that are appropriate to use with high-performance motorcycles. The steel belt is set at zero degrees to promote stability at high speeds while maintaining a feeling of control on various demanding road surfaces. The Phantom Sportscomp provides good handling on a variety of routes, impart because it offers excellent precision as one enters bends and turns.

MT 75

Those with medium-powered motorcycles that want a good all-purpose, economical tyre can consider the MT 75. This sport tyre employs compounds that balance the need for good grip on wet and dry roads along with high mileage performance.

Scorpion Trail

Pirelli Scorpion tyres are designed for dual-purpose motorcycles that are used more commonly on roadways rather than on trails. This touring tyre can handle both long trips and brief off-road journeys. The steel belt is set at zero degrees, and this design maintains traction in even adverse weather conditions. The tread design offers a balance between fuel economy and performance.

How to Buy Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres on eBay

It is easy to locate a great selection of both new and used Pirelli tyres on eBay. Enter “Pirelli motorcycle tyres” in the search box. If there is a preference for different models, add the model name in the search box. For example, “Pirelli motorcycle tyres Angel” would be a good phrase to search if you’re looking for the Angel model.
In the left sidebar, the search can be refined by a number of parameters. To further refine the search, look for the “More refinements …” phrase farther down in the left sidebar. Click on that phrase to reveal a pop-up box with other variables like location, seller type, etc.


Pirelli offers a wide variety of motorcycle tyres suitable for many uses, including grand touring, sport touring, off-road, and racing applications. An accurate assessment of the future use of the motorcycle will lead to useful decisions regarding the best Pirelli tyres to purchase. The selection of the right tyre can provide the balance between performance, mileage, safety, and longevity that is truly preferred.

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