Buying Guide to Used Cars on eBay Motors Australia

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Buying Guide – Used Cars on eBay Motors Australia

Buying a car is often the second largest purchase we make after a home. Here are some simple tips and advice that will hopefully make buying a used car  on eBay Motors Australia not only painless but hopefully enjoyable.

One of the most significant financial advantages gained by selecting a used car over a new one is that the car does not depreciate in value immediately in the way a new car does as soon as it is driven out of the car yard.

On eBay Motors you can find all types of used cars from family cars, including Ford Falcons, Mitsubishi Magnas, Holden Commodores; to hatchbacks including Holden Barinas, Ford Lasers and Toyota Corollas, to 4WDs including Mitsubishi Pajeros, Land Rovers and Toyota Landcruisers and of course an impressive range of Collector Cars including Cadillacs, Pontiacs and Holden Toranas.

Avoid the Hassles of Traditional Car Buying

One of the best aspects of buying a car on eBay is that you can  easily find the car that you want and complete the purchase online, all from the comfort of your own home. Check out the new Best Offer feature that gives you the convenience of being able to negotiate online with sellers on Buy it Now listings.

How to Buy on eBay Motors with Confidence

The first step is to learn all you can about the item. Before bidding, read the car’s description thoroughly and make sure you understand all the details about shipping, insurance, payment options and so on.

The feedback of a seller gives buyers critical insight into a seller’s reputation. It is a powerful way to build trust between buyers and sellers. You can see what other buyers have had to say about doing business with the seller. Here is some more information about feedback

When buying used cars take the opportunity to ask the seller questions via email or phone. For other great tips on how to buy with confidence on eBay see the e-Commerce Safety Guide


The first thing to do is to decide upfront how much you want to spend on a car.  Remember, in most cases a car is a depreciating asset, so you may also want to consider other ways in which the money could be spent.

When it comes to finance and insurance the key is to spend the time comparing competitive quotes. You can save considerable money this way. And, remember, do not borrow more than you can afford to repay.

Vehicle Checks and Inspections

When buying a used car consider getting a vehicle history check such as a REVS Check to ensure that the car does not have any financial incumbency on it.

 It’s also a good idea to ask the seller about taking a test drive or inspecting the car before the auction ends. Key things to check for include:
* Check the tyres and in particular the tyre tread depth
* Check for rust and misaligned body panels
* Check the oil and coolant levels
* When driving the car test the air conditioning, check for fumes, try the car in different gears, test all power-adjustable seats, windows and mirrors, try out the stereo and all other accessories including headlights.

3rd party inspections are also worth considering and could help you avoid costly mistakes and save you considerable money.

Here are some organizations if you are interested in getting a vehicle inspection:

NRMA for NSW and ACT

RACQ for Queensland

RACV for Victoria

Lastly - Feel Good About It

You will probably end up spending between seven and 20 hours per week in the car so also consider that you will want to enjoy the experience.

Happy Buying!



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