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When browsing through the musical instruments section of the 'Buying' site on eBAY it is important to be as specific as possible in order to find what you are looking for; without the hassle of having thousands of extra items to sort through.

For example: if looking for an electric guitar and you only wanted to spend $100.00 you would enter in the search category at the top of the page: electric guitars and select the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS section, then press enter. When you reach the page Narrow your search paramiters by: choosing the column on the left side of the page; 1. chose a location eg. 'Worldwide' or 'Australia only', 2. narrow your search further by selecting 'New" or 'Second Hand', then, 3.  the distance you are willing to look eg. 'Within 50km of 4000' (your postcode), 4. enter in the 'Items Priced from/to' boxes $0 to $100.00, 5. click on search. Ok you have now narrowed the paramaters of your search and lessend the amount of bargins you have to read that are irrelavent to you.

What if you are looking for a specific accessory for your musical instrument? for example Guitar strings: Go to the top of the buying page again, type in the search catagory 'guitar strings (nylon, acoustic/steel or /base', or  'electric/steel, /base' then narrow your paramaters again on the left hand side of the page.

If you get '0 Results in your search catagory' you will have to either, widen your search parameters, or, try a diferent wording, eg. 'Steel Guitar Strings', it is astounding how changing the wording of a search can give you results.

Remember before you comitt to bidding on an item check the payment options, the postage costs, currency exchange rates and the sellers rating, otherwise a bargin may end up a bummer.

Happy surfing. Niyeen  


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