Buying Hats to Fit on Ebay

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Hats are great and not only can they complete an outifut, they provide another means to express a dynamic personality.

No two heads are identical in shape, we all have lumps and bumps that are unique to us. You may have a short crown with a broad circumference, whilst your friend may have a tall and narrow fitting.

The most important detail to know in regards to getting a hat that fits you, is your exact head size. As we progress through the years of our lives our hairstyles change, affecting the density of our hair. Stress, illness and life changes also affect how thick our hair is. Therefore it is important to know your current headsize when ordering a new hat.

It is crucial that you use a reasonably new, non-stretch, tape measure to measure your head. Tape measures do deteoriate and stretch with age. Never use the measurements off an old hat. The label may state 56cm, but that is on a hat that has absorbed heat and moisture - the perfect ingredients for shaping felt, sinamay, sisol and fabric. Frequently worn hats can adapt to minor changes in your sizing.

Where to Measure?

You need to take a number of measurements to help increase the chances of a perfect fit.

Crown Circumference. Make sure your hair is done in a similar fashion as to what it would be when you wear a hat. Take your tape measure and drape it in the same posiion as where a hat is most comfortable for you. You may need assistance from a friend for this. The general rule of thumb is that you measure from under the bump at the back of your head, above your ears (not over them) and midway along your forehead- in one big oval.
Front to Back. Measured over your head from the centre front to the centre back, touching at both points to whjere you placed the tape measure for step 1.
Side to Side. From above your right ear to above your left, in the same manner as step 2.
Steps two and three assist in assuring that the crown depth is correct.

Now you know your head fit size is there more you need to know to help you get that perfect hat? Of course! You need to take into account the shape and size of your physique, such as your height and broadness of shoulders, when assessing the suitability of a hats visual dimensions. You need to assure that the width of the brim, height of the trims and such suit you, if these details are not made available simply ask. You need to consider where you are wearing your hat to. A flamboyant hat may be ideal for a race meet or party, but it may not be entirely appropriate when worn to someone elses wedding.

There is no point in purchasing a hat that you will not wear or be uncomfortable in. They're designed to be enjoyed and loved. Part of being self confident is feeling good about how you look.

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