Buying Jerseys Online - American sports-Basketball etc.

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Welcome to my guide.

Being an avid  fan of American & international sports, I have found it hard in Australia to find jerseys/apparel of my favourite players and teams since
there seem to be a lack of retailers that have these or only stock the most popular of players or have limited sizes also.

Ebay  and other E-commerce sites are a  great way of finding that hard -to-get Jersey, I myself sell online as i got frequently annoyed with not being able
to find what i was after or the lack of help. Some sellers on Ebay advertise the product as being in Sydney/Victoria etc when in actual fact the product is
being shipped from China,Hong Kong etc - as in drop shipping but be aware as these are more then likely copies,re-productions with made tags etc.

Hope this has been a help to anyone purchasing online.
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