Buying Jewellery

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When buying jewellery on ebay, I seriously recommend thinking carefully first. If possible, try and find jewellery in actual stores you can visit and try items on, but if you can't find what you are looking for, be cautious and prudent when shopping for jewellery on ebay.
The first rule is never buy cheap jewellery. I learnt this lesson the hard way. Cheap jewellery may appeal as it looks nice as an image and is affordable. What could be wrong with it? Well, as it turns out, many things.
Firstly, cheap jewellery is never good for your skin. If you wear it too often, it can release toxins that are absorbed into your body. If it is worn occasionally, it is safer, but the risk is still there.
As well as that, cheap jewellery is awful when it comes to quality. I have received some jewellery that has fallen apart on first inspection. It can be fixed, but some pieces are costly to do so and others just fall apart again. Even if it doesn't fall to pieces, the outer coat of whatever material your jewellery is coated with will flake and fade or rust. When buying jewellery on ebay, NEVER buy cheap.

If you are going to buy jewellery at all, make sure it is a reasonable price for that piece. If it is cheap, do not buy it. Even if it looks fine and good quality, check the description and see what it is made of. Looks can be deceiving. If possible, buy brand jewellery-always a smarter alternative to buying nameless items.

Be aware of what you are buying! Looks can be deceiving...
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