Buying Jewellery Safely On eBay Aust

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Buying Jewellery Safely On eBay

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About Buying Jewellery Safely On eBay Aust

Internet shopping is here to stay, and although initially it may seem like a risky venture, buying on eBay can be a very safe way to buy fantastic jewellery at great prices. Online merchants save on retailing costs by having no shop front, middlemen and the usual trading overheads so they can offer low prices and value that can not be matched by retail stores. Without the fancy offices with expensive fittings, they still can provide practical advice and information by email to customers online and pass the savings on to you the buyer.

Know Your Seller It’s important that you know who you are purchasing from so you can feel confident and secure about your transaction. If the vendor is a business look for their Australian Business Number (ABN) together with their business number or Australian Company Number (ACN) on their site and all their official documents. Check that the website provides contact information such as the physical address, phone and fax numbers. By making these names and numbers available means accountability as the public can check these details on the ASIC National Names Index and clarify that they are a legitimate business.

Check the sellers
Feedback Rating   See how many transactions they have completed with positive responses. Look at how many ratings have been withdrawn as this can give you an indication of buyers who have left negative feedback and had mutually withdrawn them. To view sellers negative and neutral comments easily there are websites available where you can put in their member i.d. details and up comes their neutral and negative comments only. Peruse carefully and ascertain whether comments are justified or if the same complaint comes up time after time from numerous buyers. Sometimes, even though the negative comment is warranted, it is withdrawn because the seller has given them a retaliatory negative for reporting them and the buyer does not want this on their feedback. A negative rating on a seller that sells many items will hardly change their percentage rating but on a buyer that say has bought 10 items with 100% rating, if they receive one negative their percentage goes down to 96.4% making them look like a poor buyer risk. There are other factors to be considered as well. Read the positive comments and get a feel of how the seller operates. How well did the member transact with other members? If there were any conflicts how did the seller resolve them? Check to see if they use retaliatory comments to their buyers. Some sellers do a disservice to themselves by writing in an abusive manner to their buyers. Look at how their descriptions are written up – is their grammar and spelling poor and lacking professionalism or written concisely giving the prospective buyer all the information they would require and in a business like manner?

Return Policies
Most eBay sellers operate like retail stores and have return policies. Would you be satisfied that if you weren’t happy about your purchase that the business will attempt to resolve any complaint you may have in a fair and open manner? Check their policies to get an indication on how they resolve complaints. If the seller lists that all sales are final and don’t give refunds, would you like to trust them with your business? Even though you can go through the the eBay Australia Security and Resolution Centre, if you have problems with the seller it’s a experience best avoided if possible.

Where are they Located?
Some Sellers have been known to list on different eBay sites a local address when in fact they are situated in Asia. This is unfair if you believe that you are dealing with a local company so a quick search on overseas eBay sites may reveal this. When buying jewellery from overseas you may be liable for custom duties and charges so this is a consideration in dealing with overseas companies.

Requirements Check their charges with regards to shipping and handling costs. Are they excessive? It is important that you know the final costs especially if the business is going to charge your credit card or PayPal account. Some sellers request that you pay through their checkout by credit card, PayPal or direct deposit. Satisfy yourself that any online payment by credit card is secure. Many online payment systems use secure sockets layer (SSL). The site should tell you that you are entering a secure online environment before you start to provide your credit card details. Usually an unbroken key or lock will appear in the bottom of your browser window to indicate you are sending information via a secure connection. Paying by credit card to a Australian Company is generally as safe as paying at a retail store. If your goods are not received, or are not as described, your bank can very easily do a "charge back", which will give you a full refund of your purchase price. Just remember that by paying by PayPal, this enables you to pay without the seller ever seeing your bank account or credit card numbers. PayPal protects buyers 100% against unauthorised payments from their accounts. You are further protected with PayPal Buyer Protection, and your purchase can be covered up to $1,500. Again you don’t want to have to enforce this and doing your homework first will limited the possibilities that this will happen. If the eBay seller is an Australian businesses they are bound by the Trade Practices Act and/or fair trading legislation. This means businesses have to replace a product or refund your money if that product is not of merchantable quality, or fit for any purpose that you've made known to the supplier. Goods must also match any description given by the trader (this could include matching a photograph of the goods). For high priced items does the seller offer an independent third party Escrow Company recommended by eBay. The payment of fees for all escrow services ought to be clarified in writing. Always and this can not be reiterated enough, complete your transaction on eBayau. Never pay for your eBay transaction using instant cash wire services like MoneyGram or Western Union. If a seller asks you to use these payment methods report them to eBay. Should you conduct a transaction outside of eBay you will not be covered by the eBay Australia protection program and you have an extremely good chance of never seeing your money again.

Know Your Consumer Rights There are other general safety checks that are available to Australian consumers purchasing jewellery and gemstones including diamonds on eBay. Familiarise yourself with the jewellery sellers guidelines published by The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and buy from sellers that comply with these guidelines. Visit their website and download their printed information on guidelines.

Educate yourself There are various eBay guides to assist you on buying diamonds and gemstones. Familiarise yourself with jewellery terminology. Don’t second guess what they mean and take advantage of the "ask the sellers a question"  link and send an email to clarify what they actually mean by a certain term. There are so many methods in treating diamonds and gemstones. Ensure that your diamond or gemstone is natural and mined as opposed to an artificial or lab made synthetic gem. Synthetic gems are fine as long as you know that’s what you have purchased. Be aware of the difference between a mined diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond. A “clarity enhanced” diamond is simply a diamond that has gone through a clarity enhancement process whereas a hole is drilled into the diamond and coats the inside surface with a transparent material like glass. This eliminates any internal structural inclusions and improves their brilliance and clarity and adds virtually no discernible weight to the diamond. Any fractures are masked by the coating and it is difficult for a jeweller to tell the difference between a mined diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond. These diamonds are good quality as long as you know that’s what you’re buying and their cheaper prices should reflect this as opposed to a mined diamond price .

Do Price Comparisons Jewellers Valuation: This figure is derived by an independent jeweller which sellers use to offer their customers an accurate unbiased opinion and this value reflects what a customer may obtain for insurance coverage for loss or theft. The jeweller arrives at an appraised value by evaluating the average high retail value of jewellery sold at fine jewellery stores.

Retail Value This is very subjective and is usually based on what the average high retails prices for jewellery. This can vary and depends on where you buy the jewellery – either a discount store or a fine jeweller. Generally speaking the best way to determine jewellery values is to shop around and try to find the best deal by comparing quality and prices.By following the above guidelines you are assured of a positive shopping experience buying jewellery on eBay.
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