Buying Local: Why Choose the Good ol' Aussies.

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Have you ever thought why not buy from somewhere like Canada, some place exotic like Hawaii or from one of the great Americans?
Well, I’ve came up with some points that may have you reconsidering.
·    Whenever you need to contact them, they’re only a local – at furthest national – call away. Imagine going through $20 just to hear the sellers voice or know your order status.
·    Currency issues. If you have Paypal, and pay in USD or any other currencies, there is a currency exchange charge. Even though it isn’t much, if you are a powerbuyer like myself (I buy on a different ID than my selling) it will add up.
·    Them wonderful customs dudes. I remember bulk lots of body jewellery from America and getting charged $30 just to receive it.
·    Shipping costs. It is expensive to post to another continent, especially if the item weighs something more than a necklace or ring. Quite often, the shipping cost overdo the item price.
·    Language. Not so much of a hassle unless you buy from somewhere like Germany or Thailand. I still remember the time I received a neutral feedback from a seller because they don’t like ‘dumb’ people who can’t spell realise the way the Americans spell it. Quite a funny guy, indeed.
·    Confusion. I often have to visit then revisit just to see how much does it really cost.
·    Time difference. It is quicker to communicate via email to someone in the same time zone as you are.
·    Shipping time. Often if you post within the same country via regular, it will take three days or less. With airmail, which isn’t even the cheapest option usually takes 10 days+. Unless you are willing to pay $50 for EMS service.
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