Buying MP3 Players on Ebay

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    Its kinda hard isnt it? With such a sudden influx of MP3 players into the market, its mind boggling to think which one best suits you. Well, fret no more. This guide aims at helping you search for your MP3 player.

Before u start bidding away, you have to know which player you want. Do you want it more for the fashion statement i.e. an iPod? or do you want function over form, by just buying a generic USB MP3 player. If you already have a specific brand name in mind, like the iPod, key in the name straight into your search requirement. But however if you'd like to see whats available out there, just type in MP3 PLayer. That should bring you a sea of players.

Next up, is determining the storage size that you want. 128MB suffice? or are you doing all out with a 60GB player? its very important that these things are thought of before searching, as storage size determines the price of the player indirectly.

A key to note about buying electronic devices, is the shipping quote. They could cost a pretty penny. Some sellers sell the item for a few cents, but the shipping is collosal. Do not get tricked by this. If in any case your MP3 is faulty, they will only refund you those few cents. These sellers are to be avoided at all costs. They actually earn money from the shipping. Beware!! You should always note that the price that you bid isnt the final price that you pay, as there are extra costs like shipping and handling, and insurance, whether or not required by the seller. If the seller reckons that its necessary, then you will be up another few dollars here and there, and in the end, you might have surpassed your budget! so, keep all these numbers in mind before bidding.

Once you have sorted out what type of player, how much storage you need, you may move along to wanting other things like accessories for your MP3 Player. Theres plenty on ebay. Once again, do your research on which accessory suits your MP3 PLayer. Accessories are not universal. So, search on the internet for information regarding your MP3 PLayer's battery size, or the physical dimensions, etc.

Hope that gives you an insight on how to look for an MP3 player that best suits you.

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