Buying Mobile Phones from Overseas is risky business

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Buyers should be aware that buying a mobile phone overseas could mean that should the handset develop a problem you will most likely have to send back to the country of origin to claim warranty. This could be a real problem if you don't know where it came from, not to mention the delay & the cost involved.

Nokia & others in Australia will not warrant any (grey) handset imported & sold outside of their normal distribution channels. All IMIE (electronic serial) numbers are recorded & tracked with distributors & service centres. Customs are under instruction to stop & check all Nokia handsets coming to Australia to ensure their legitimacy. It is possible that your purchase could be siezed & not returned or you may be charged duty or sales tax on the purchase, depending on the value of goods declared.

Not all models sold overseas are imported to Australia, which means that spare parts for the phone may not be available here.

Manufacturers set up mobile phone software to the Networks specifications. A phone imported outside the normal channels will not have been setup to the network specs, therefore may not function as well as it should. You may experience poor reception as a result. This is also a case if you use one networks sim in another networks phone... eg A Telstra sim in a Vodafone handset.

Check with local manufacturers first..

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