Buying Model Cars

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Diecast Model Cars are a hobby, a livelihood, an obsession , an investment and a joy, this guide is for all you people out there who would like to start your own diecast model car collection and would like to know what to look for in a model and an add on ebay.

When looking at an add on ebay for a model car one of the most important things you need to look for is the condition of the model. This is very important as the value of your model will only go up if the model, box and coa are in good condition. You are looking at somthing that is in exalant condition not just good or fair.

The next thing is if the model comes wih a COA or cirtificat of authenticity, this is a must as it shows that the model is genuin. All Classic Carlectable and Biante 1:18 scale model and most 1:43 scale models were origionaly relieased with one and must be resold with the coa other wise the price of the model drops significantly, and this is not good if you are looking at your model as an investment.

One thing that I can't stress enough is if you are unsure about somthing on the model ask a question or request additional photos so you know 100% that you are buying a good clean model.

Postage is another thing that is important, is your model being sent via registered post or via ordenary post? These are two very different things, registered post comes with insurance up to $100 and is a recipted post, which means that you have to sign for it when you pick it up and it wont be left in your mail box you will have to come into the  post office to pick it up. I think this is the best way to get your item sent because it insures that you get the model not someone else it is also sent with a tracking number so you can find out where it goes if it gets lost. 


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