Buying Model Cars On Ebay

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I have been buying and selling on ebay for over 6 years now and i hope the info i give can help you enjoy a great hobbie as it has been for me as i starting buying first and was learning to use a computer as there were none when i went to school ,so this means im over 50 and self taught on the computer with a little help from my daughter who works in a legal office and she showed me how to cut and paste,how easy it was for a 1 fingered typest still am and i love it. To buy model cars on ebay Paypals a must as you can pay for items the same day if you direct deposit 2 days pay cash into bank same day and most sellers will send items within 48 hours so buyer get cars ect within a few days. Buying cheak feedback and bank details if possable as some states dont have the same banks and if so a money order will cost you $2.50 then 3 to 5 days if interstate so item will take 5 to 10 days to get back to bidder. International bidding now you need Paypal and cheak mail costs Air Mail is not cheap ask seller first,the way i get my items sent is seamail only this way you wait 12 weeks but if you are buying 40 cars well worth the wait. Now what this should tell you your never to old to try if i was told one day i would be using a computer i would have never beleived it and after wiping windows off a few time i final got the hang of it and now i spend more time at the computer than watching TV.Not bad for a guy that only got to the second year of high school if i do say so myself.So buy a computer and give it a go and you too will have great fun on ebay.


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