Buying New Kitchen Handles..Will they Fit my cupboards?

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Hello and Welcome to my guide on buying kitchen Handles..

If I buy new handles for my kitchen how do I know they will fit my existing cupboards?

This is a common question we get all the time in our business so I thought I would write this guide to address your concerns.
If you are renovating your existing kitchen cupboards and you have a tight budget then you haven't got much money to splash around on the major works ie Benchtop replacement or new doors.. Most times a scrub up and paint will make them look acceptable and clean again. By far, the most practical and common way to really lift your kitchen is to replace those old tired-looking handles or knobs. This is a very low cost and easy exercise for even the most unskilled renovator/handyman and also makes a dramatic impact.

But the question does arise......... Will the new handles I've chosen fit the existing holes already drilled in my doors? (without having to painstakingly fill them and re-drill them.)
Well the answer lies in taking note of the most specific measurement that is given when looking to purchase your new door furniture. This measurement is commonly referred to as the 'hole centres measurement'. This is the distance between each fixing hole drilled in the back of the handle. Most, if not all, handles centre measurements are in 32mm increments. ( 32/64/96/128/160/192 etc...)  So if you measure the distance between the holes in your existing doors then you can select the right handle to suit that distance. The most common handle spacing being 96mm....although 128mm is becoming increasingly popular.
(If you have older type handles than the spacings may be imperial measurements)

When ordering your new handles and you find a style you like and it isn't the right spacing then more than likely you should be able to get that style of handle in a different hole centre spacing.

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