Buying Pocket Bike Parts On Ebay

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Hey guys.....

This guide is to assist you in making decisions in purchasing pocket bike parts and performance parts on Ebay. This is the first of many short guides to help you guys out with your bikes.

Whilst there are many cheap items on Ebay to be bought, I think the most important part of any purchase is exactly who you are buying from. Feedback will tell the story of the part being sent out etc, but it really doesnt describe the whole picture.

It is important to understand that when buying pocket bike parts, you take into consideration whether this person even knows what it is they're selling. It my years of selling pocket bike parts on Ebay, I can say with authority that many have never even owned a pocket bike, let alone know how to install the part they're selling.

Many others represent themselves as having some sort of industry knowledge or in fact knowledge of motorcycles even. Whilst this is better than none at all, its hardly experience in these little buggers, and I can tell you that many a person has called them worse.

There are many styles, shapes and sizes of bike, and understanding each of them is important to being able to assist people in getting the right part for the job.

The next thing to consider is this. Anyone who is selling a part at a rediculously cheap price, has little time to help you in any other way. Why??? Simple really..... they havent accounted for the amount of time assisting people with their problems and questions in the profit margin of the part.

Look for sellers who are showing themselves to be reputable, and in fact show their ABN in their shop or ad. If they dont show an ABN, chances are they arent here for the long haul, and are in fact here for a quick buck. Now you might get a good deal in the end pricewise, but you'll never get a thing out of them again.


By all means, try and get the best deal you can, but in the end, I would be asking the technical questions, and seeing what sort of answer you get. This will give you a better idea of who it is you're dealing with. Remember, many of these parts are made in China, and without a reputable seller, you may be left with an inferior quality or broken part that you cannot exchange. Not good.......

Finally, despite popular belief, the cheaper parts ARE NOT identical to the slightly more expensive parts. These reputable dealers know their stuff, and choose parts made by the more reputable Chinese manufacturers. Dont be fooled....... there ARE different "brands" of Chinese parts.

Bottom line, go with a seller who has been in business for the long haul, and one that is willing to back their products 100%. Go with a seller who is business registered, who pays their GST and taxes, and who is willing to put themselves out there for you.

The best deal is often not about the best price alone, rather the combination of experience, knowledge, service, and a price that is comparible.

Good luck to you all, and dont forget to contact us should you need any assisitance. We've been doing this for years now, and have the experience and knowledge base to help you. Check out for all your questions.

Need to contact us personally? Please use the aske seller a question button found on any item sale page.

Many thanks

Jason Miller

Managing Director

Biloka Pty Ltd

ABN 86 010 034 750


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