Buying Pre-Owned Levi's 501's

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So like me you're wondering why pre-owned or used or second hand jeans? Fair enough I asked those same questions.

Like me you went to a major department store and took one look at the price of a pair of 501's and thought ok,  I can try them on,  good fit, ok the leg is a bit long, nothing that can't be fixed.... but then the price geez. In Australia you can expect to pay retail $120 and upwards for brand new stiff as a board 501's. 

Grade A or Grade B quality are the ones you want.  Grade C is just that and you'll be paying return postage overseas and its not cheap and you are without your jeans.  Grade C jeans are usually faded, ripped and worn in all the wrong places. So why should you take that chance, I don't! 

My 501's are imported from the USA, pre-sorted, inspected and washed, then I do my own Quality Control, if I wouldn't wear them as is, then they are re-manufactured as pair of 501 shorts and I'll say so in the auction. The sewing will be first rate and you'll like what you see and what you wear.

My 501's are either Grade A or Grade B, which means they will be almost new, with few if any marks or designer frays. Like me you will probably just want them worn in and get over that intial uncomfortable 'new jean' feel....tight pockets and not able to bend down to pick up the kids or your keys without discomfort. If of course you want to add your own frays or are after a pair looking a little more 'pre-loved' I might be able to help, but bare in mind they might not be exactly what you want, so perhaps just buy a pair of Grade B and do your own thing.

My pre-owned jeans are always washed or laundered in accordance with Ebay Health policy prior to being put up for sale or auction. IF you haven't got that assurance from a buyer, then why buy them.

In short you are buying a pair or pairs of pre loved 501's, they are not new. I brought a pair and wondered why for the price they were 'pre-owned'  It can happen, but generally you are buying them 'broken in'. I post 2 pictures those pictures are the jeans up for sale, so you see what your're buying. Make sure you see what your buying, no pictures or willingness to send you any upon request then don't buy!

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