Buying Product on ebay From China

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Be careful buying items on ebay from China. We were completely ripped off by an unscrupulous seller of car GPS's. We have a box and a few leads and the seller has our money. ebay did not reply to our letter complaining about the dishonest trader who led us along until the 45 day period was up. The GPS was faulty when we received it. We contacted the seller who sent us another cable. That did not resolve the situation. He then asked to post the faulty GPS back to him in China promising to pay the postage. He did not. He then kept delaying us, saying, "be patient, it is on the way" etc. After the 45 day period elapsed he then said that it was broken upon his receiving it and we had to send him more money. He also gave us false information regarding postal tracking. We hope that this seller has been taken off ebay. We are not sure what eBay's policy is regarding the use of their site by dishonest and unscrupulous traders, especially ones who post faulty goods and then delay the matter until after the 45 day limit when ebay clearly does not want to hear anything about it.
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