Buying R&L Cereal Toys

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When Buying R&L toys there are a few things you need to watch for:

*Some people sell the figures that have been made in mexico. These are not genuine figures and may not be the original colours that were first made. These non-genuine figures are not as valuable as the real thing as they are not nastalgic. If it is not stated in the listing whether it is genuine or not it is a good idea to ask because you may be very dissapointed, especially if you pay the same price that the genuine ones are worth.

*Check what condition they are in. If they don't state the condition ask as some people may not thoroughly examine the toys and therefore may miss a crack on the toy.

*Check the sellers feedback. Look for any other R&L toys they have sold in case some people have received there toys in bad condition. If they have received a few bad feedbacks for other R&L toys don't hesitate to ask why the buyer was unhappy because you may end up unhappy as well.

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