Buying REAL football jerseys.

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hey, this is my guide on 'fake' soccer/fooball jerseys...

 we all know what we buy in the shops but what about on ebay.

things we ask our selves are;

1- is the photo real
2-is the item authentic
3-is the price worth it

the best advice is to get your hands on a shirt before u buy one on ebay,

eg - my mate owns a chelsea fc home shirt thats real...when i was looking one 1 on ebay i rang him like 5 times n asked questions about his shirt so i can compare with others people r selling on ebay.

for me it all comes down the the stitching, i find it hard to wear a fake shirt but i do own one i got of a seller for $40....i full shows the adidas and everything....the only this that's wrong with it is that i see 15 lines where there should only be 12 (Chelsea old euro kit, the black one)

but i knew it was fake and the seller told me its want the real deal but i still bought it and and happy this it...

i see alot of items going for 9.99....yeah there fake, shorts included.   
the best online advice is check out your fave clubs online shop and look at there sizes and price and pics...then compare with ur buyer.

e.g. Chelsea's new away kit, the logo is black....i know cuz ive seen it....ive seen seller selling the shirt for 9.99 and the logo is in colour.

but if you want a real 'adidas' or 'nike' etc then u need to look at the seller....i feel whole sellers are more fake, cuz they get like 50 fake shirts and sell em...and seller who has like 5 listings of the same pic and item i reckon are fake,

private seller who have the 1 off item could sell a more authentic shirt, or from Australia for example.

we all know places like Thailand sell fakes

and the last thing i look for is price, check and ask y they r selling to see if they have there hands on a real shirt n dont want it.

ive bought real umbro shirts from a guy that didn't want it cuz he didn't like the club and i got it cheap and we were both happy, me more.

and price...well, for a 100% adidas chelsea (eg) shirt u cant get for under 60 inc postage on ebay.....the chelsea shirt i got was actually $55 and with postage and i love it and its real....seller was selling 2 and said this shirt was from rebel sport,
i didnt know for sure so i looked at his past sales seen a guy bought a liverpool shirt for the same price and i emailed him and he said it was the real deal.

it dosent hurt to ask,

right now im about to buy a chelsea training shirt and this seller has all sweet items but he only writes 100% licensed product

i will still buy from him because he has really no bad feedback in the last 6 months and sells all his gear.

bottom line, u get what u want....reals, fakes, its beter to get reals because its better for ur club.

think where will i wear the shirt, who will see the shirt. and does it REALLY matter if the shirt is real or fake.

follow those steps and regardless u will be happy.

but u dont want a cheap fake shirt and rocking up on game day, people will know and judge u.

i see blokes with a fake shirt n i laugh.

not ebay fake but REALLY REALLLY FAKEEEE

ebay fake is ok, if u live liek in Australia, because our fake shirts cost $40 in shops and look really bad and aint even good material...thanks pepsport.

but Thailand fake quality is still ok, material is good and most of the shirt is ok

P,S sorry if this is messy and spelling mistakes its my 1st ebay guide.

hope it helps

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