Buying Remote Control Cars

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This is a guide that is full of tips that will help you enjoy the hobby of remote control cars. Many people ask "how fast do they go" and "how much do they cost. My answer is fast enough and as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Remote control cars are a really fun hobby that anyone can enjoy, whether you are 6 or 60. Whether it is simply bashing around the house or racing in other countries, I simply love remote control cars. These are the best tips to decide which type of car you should get:

Toy Or Hobby
This is one of the hardest decisions to make. The toy products are normally a lot cheaper costing around $20 to $100. They are very easy to get running and most parts are made out of plastic. Parts and replacements are hard to find and sometimes impossible to find. The hobby cars are more durable and can cost anywhere between $100 and $700. Most of the parts are replaceable and can be upgraded. If you want to take the hobby seriously I recommend getting a hobby car.

Kit Or RTR
The hobby remote control cars are sold either as kits or RTR (ready to run). A kit is when the car comes unassembled and you have to put it together. This can be very challenging but is great fun. A RTR car comes assembled and is ready to drive straight out of the box. If you are a real enthusiast I recomend you get a kit but if you are a kid just starting remote control cars then you should get a RTR.

On Or Off Road
On road cars are normally faster and are designed to run on a track or paved surface. The wheels are specially designed for a smooth track. Off road cars are more popular for novice racers. These cars can handle almost any terrain. They can climb up extremely steep hills and can survive almost any jump.

Electric Or Petrol
Most people that are just getting started buy an electric car that runs on a rechargeable battery. These cars are very easy to find on ebay and many other online shops. More serious enthusiasts go for a petrol powered car or more specifically "nitro". These are harder to find but they go very fast.


Electric Cars
Electric cars use a 7.2 volt battery pack as well as an electric motor. Electric remote control cars are capable of speeds up to 40 km/h. That is a perfect speed for beginners. The best part is that electric cars can be modified with faster motors, ball bearings, high power batteries and a lot more. With reasonable upgrades electric cars can push above 64 km/h. As well as buying the car, you need to buy the following: a transmitter (radio) for the car, AA batteries for the transmitter, several battery packs and a 7.2 volt battery charger.

These are similar to the electric cars but they have more power. They have a 2 speed transmission. These cars are normally slightly smaller than the electric cars. These use petrol instead of a 7.2 volt battery and are normally faster than the electric cars. These cars are for serious racers.




The HPI RTR is a true beginners kit. With a top speed of 25 km/h, this is a great car to start with. This car is not upgradeable. So usually this is a muck around and practice car as you cannot make it faster. I recomend this car for first timers

Associated TC3 RTR

The TC3 is made by Team Associated. It is a 1/10 scale electric style car designed to race in competitive races. 1/10 is the standard size car. The TC3 is designed to to win races against other ready to run kits.


The 1/10 OFNA LD3 RTR is a radio controlled shaft driven, 4 wheel drive nitro powered car. This is a very serious car and is in great competition with the Team Associated TC3. This is rated as a top car.

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