Buying Replacement LED Bulbs for Your Motorcycle Lighting

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Buying Replacement LED Bulbs for Your Motorcycle Lighting

LED or light-emitting diode bulbs offer safe, long-lasting lighting for motorcycles. They are a great option compared to other types of bulb that may burn out quickly, leaving the driver alone in the dark. LED lighting uses minimal amounts of electricity, does not build up heat, and is extremely lightweight. Furthermore, these lights last much longer than traditional options, meaning longer distance between replacements. All of these elements are a boon for motorcycles, which run on minimal resources and demand lightweight components.

Lighting is an extremely important motorcycle component. It is therefore critically important to purchase the correct size and type of replacement LED lights for a motorcycle.

Types of LED Lights for Motorcycles

There are different places on a motorcycle where LED lights may be appropriate. Always purchase lights designed for the specific location they need to be used. The buyer should cross reference the make and model of motorcycle with LED light manufacturers to ensure a positive fit. It is never a good idea to try to use an incorrect size of bulb.

The common replacement bulbs for a motorcycle include headlights, tail lights, and indicator lights. Other motorcycle lights, such as accent lights, may go out on occasion, but they tend to last longer as they get less extended use.


Headlights are integral to the safety of a cyclist. They light the road ahead and improve visibility, keeping people on the road safe. Driving without headlights is not only dangerous but also illegal. Motorcycles typically come equipped with one main headlight, surrounded by several smaller lights. Replacing all bulbs at the same time is a good idea to obtain ideal results.

Tail Lights

Failed tail lighting leaves motorcyclists virtually invisible at night. With larger vehicles surrounding the bike, this puts the driver at great risk for an accident. If the bike has two separate tail lights, as many do, replace both bulbs at the same time for maximum effectiveness.

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights keep the roads safe by providing insight into a driver's plans. Indicators often include "blinkers", which tell tailing vehicles and pedestrians in what direction a driver intends to turn. These lights make bikers far more visible, an important safety factor. A failed directional light could lead to a serious accident. Having reliable, dependent, and bright indicator lighting is therefore necessary from a legal and safety perspective.

Accent Lights

Accent lights accentuate the bike's body and help riders see their bikes in the dark. Some come in wild, neon colours primarily for appearances. For example, underglow-style LEDS give off a glowing appearance. Others are simply to help the cyclist see the ignition, radio, or other important parts of the bike in the dark. Though less important in terms of safety, accent lights contribute to a bike's overall appearance.

Daytime Running Headlights

Daytime running lights, located in the same place as headlights, make bikes more visible during the day. This additional bit of attention could mean the difference between life and death with so many distracted drivers on the road. Although daytime running headlights may not be legally required, they do add quite a bit to safety. It is smart to promptly replace daytime running lights.

Getting the Right Size is Critical When Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

Always look for the right size of LED light when buying replacement bulbs for a motorcycle. LEDs come in several sizes. Every company producing these lights has a unique code, such as H1 or R22, that the light goes by. Many bulbs cover a wide range of vehicles and bikes. Always check with a manufacturer-produced guide before purchasing replacement bulbs to ensure they are the right size for the make, model, and year of bike they need to fit. Differences between bulbs are often quite subtle and may vary by year. The wrong size LED light cannot work, and if forced into an incorrect outlet, it can cause damage.

Benefits of LED Over Other Types of Motorcycle Lighting

Motorcycles typically use one of three types of lighting. The common bulbs include LED, xenon, and halogen. A growing number of manufacturers are switching over to LED due to its many benefits over the alternatives.

Type of Lighting




Long-lasting; Efficient



Lasts longer than halogen; Warm light

Not efficient


Compact; Dimmable; Easily focused

Touching bulb reduces lifespan

One disadvantage of LED lighting is that it is expensive to purchase. However, this upfront expense does not reflect its overall value. Since LED lights last longer, they tend to be less expensive over time when compared to other options that require more frequent replacement. For this reason, LED bulbs are rapidly becoming the standard for motorcycle and vehicle lighting.

Buying Replacement LED Bulbs for Motorcycle Lighting on eBay

To find LED bulbs for motorcycle lights on eBay, use simple but descriptive keywords, like " motorcycle LED replacement bulbs ". You can reduce the resulting listings with eBay's refinement options and find the correct bulb faster.

Motorcyclists inevitably require new bulbs for their bikes. This is part of motorcycle ownership, as it is part of owning any vehicle. With motorcycles, a failed headlight or busted blinker is far more critical, as there is very little between bike and road. In fact, some bikers purchase extra replacement LED bulbs to keep in their saddlebags for unexpected outages along the open road. One thing is for sure, driving without working lights on a motorbike is dangerous and irresponsible.

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