Buying & Selling Privacy

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It amuses me no end the length some people that  go to discredit others using other web sites so think they can sell their written fiction dribble, they just hate the word >>> "PRIVACY"<<<  Typical self styled experts on anything and everything from hairpins etc. Makes you wonder what they are trying to cover up, I can hear the skeletons rattle in their closet's miles away.  They write their own versions of what they hear and actually believe it to be gods truth themselves .Then tend to try and force their opinions unto others claiming to be the experts that know all. If challenged your the worst in the world. My own humble opinion is that it is no business of others what I buy or sell for that matter. It is solely between bidders and sellers..............

(.If you go to Woollies and buy a pencil etc do you then go outside get on a soap box & spruik to all and sundry what you just bought ??.)

 What is ones rubbish is another's treasure.People on here are smart enough to decide for themselves and not be patronized by dribbling rhetoric from self styled experts. If I dont like something I don't bid simple as that or if bought and not stated in discription when received send it back for refund. Love the misguided do-gooders . Life must be really boring for them ?? They remind me, of the lonely desperates that lock all the doors and windows, then go and look under the bed hoping to find a man under it. LOL


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