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This is my ebay experience, I have bought and sold a lot of stuff on ebay in the past, and I've seen  lot of different kind of people on ebay, so I hope this guide will really help you.


Some people think that shopping on ebay or on the internet is not safe, because you don't hold the item in your hand before you make payments to a strangers and you don't know if you're going to recieve your item or not, but, ebay have a range of buyer protection offered which makes online shopping much safer,

Here are some safety tips of how to protect yourself:

1. Make sure you always send money using a payment method that is covered by ebay's buyer protection program, e.g. PayPal, money order, bank deposit; if you use a payment such as cash, western union, moneygram, you will completely lose your money if the seller decide not to send the item to you.

2. Always check the seller's feedback, ask any questions about the item and read the item description, seller's payment instruction, seller's accepted payment methods, postage rate fully & carefully before bidding or buying.

3. If you feel you are unable to solve an issue with the seller via email, try calling them, you can always request member's contact information that currently have a transaction with you in the advanced search page.(Remember to use a friendly tone when you speak to the other party, it's useless to be mean, you get a better result if you be nice.)

4. And if the seller refuse to send item to you or pretend they haven't heard from you, open a dispute with them, usually it will work out, if it doesn't, you can make a claim to ebay.

5. Always use a postage service such as registered and insure them if they are expensive things that you're buying.


If you want to get as much money as you can out of your item that you're selling, here are some tips:

1. Always check other listings that are selling the same items, look at how other sellers describe it.

2. List your items on a saturday or sunday between 7pm - 8.30pm for a 7 days listing, this is a 'golden time' because a lot of people browse the internet during this time.

2. Use ebay's basic upgrade pack, you get a gallery and subtitle for only 99 cents, make an attracting looking on your subtitle and it will be as good as if you have bold or highlight without spending a lot of listing fees.

3. Make a good description, describe the benefits for your item.

4. Provide clear pictures.

Here are some tips on how to make your buyer happy:

1. Contact your buyer as soon as you can after the item sold.

2. Offer them a postage discount if they buy mulitple items from you.

3. Always keep your buyers up to date, send an email to them when you recieved payment, and when you have posted the item.

4. If your buyer have a problem with the item they recieved, always respond to them the way sounds like you are happy to assist them.

5. Send your item as soon as you can after payment recieved, best do it within 24 hours.

6. Don't charge a lot of handling fees, e.g. if the actual postage cost $10, charge the buyer $12, $2 for handling fees, package fees, and your time; if you charge buyer $20 when it only cost you $10, it may result in a bad feedback, or your listing may even be considered as avoiding ebay selling fees, this is against ebay's policy.

Thank you for looking at my guide, I hope at least some of the information has helped you, have a nice day!!!

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